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Benjamin is running, running like he has never run before and if his heart had a pair of legs of its own it will be now much ahead of him.

Men's GORILLA VS. ARCHITEUTHIS Custom Long Sleeve T-Shirt was just taking a leak! What the hell is happening? he whispers to himself wasting precious breath.

The hapless runs among the trees, jumps over a big root and then over a fallen trunk, he avoids a rock and almost swaps on the mossy ground but he doesn’s stop, he can’s stop. The demon is near and he feels a glimpse of panic messing around in his head.

It a nightmare. Alright? Just a nightmare! I haven’s digest well! That it is!

It dusk and the air in the wood is fresh and muddy and it has a quiet, gloomy atmosphere broken only by the heavy steps of his boots and by the fast thuds of his heart.

Running like crazy he doesn’s notice the bramble bushes and ends up caught in their thorns. He swears and curses in the most colorful and creative way.

His hooded green jacket, his favorite, gets torn and ripped as he tries to break free, the tiny thorns poke him and scratch him everywhere.

From the tree a shadow slowly approaches.

The first thing to appear is his mouth, big as a man face, full of teeth, sharp and all of the same size and length, it drools and stinks. Then Ben realizes there is nothing more after it. The whole creature is made of that hellish mouth and from it spawn four long, skinny limbs. Two long legs like the one of spiders and which end with big clawed feet. It has then two short arms, much shorter than the legs, so short they’e almost useless but which end too with tiny clawed hands.

h! bursts the hapless, 測ou’e like a T-Rex with hairy legs! but the monster is not fond of his sarcasm and roars like a lion before charging into the brambles.

The best defense he may use against the panic and the fear is joking, to mock the odd, the weird and the dreadful so that it may look less scary and more stupid. He feels somewhat in control of the situation thanks to this attitude, especially now that he really thinks to be conscious to be in a dream.

The impact smashes the bushes and frees Ben who without hesitation runs away without even turns back to check his pursuer but he exhausted already. Benjamin rubs his eyes once and then twice trying either to keep himself awake or to wake himself from such a nightmare.

A sudden rustling scares and distracted the hapless who almost falls down from a ravine. The gorge pops out from no-where just after some more bushes, rowans maybe, with their little tiny red berries that look so inviting and yet are poisonous.

The pit is deep, probably the height of two or three men and down in the burrow lies a pile of clothes, dirty and messy clothes, among the others there are shirts and t-shirts, jumpers, jackets, pants, skirts, long and short, for winter and for summer, hats, belts, shoes, a whole outlet of wearing gears.

He doubting about jumping and in no time the fiend catches up with him, he has no choice.

Ben sees it now, haven’s notice it before, the big legged mouth pops out from a brain-like body. It seems a proper brain alright. Viscid, pulsing, covered with mold and tiny mushrooms and pustules, little gross red and blue pimples that exert a green disgusting slime.

y man, that nasty! says the hapless, 測ou got some salad stuck between your teeth! the brainy mouth roars spitting saliva on Benjamin who disgusted gathers himself and jumps down.

Fortunately the fall is attenuated by the clothes but as soon as he looks up, ready to mock the beast, he sees it ready to jump too.

ome on! Are you kidding me? yells Ben seeing the demon in the air.

In that moment a big winged shadow appears and swiftly catches the brain in mid-air. In the colors and shadows of the dusk the hapless can see only a dark shade flying away holding the legged mouthy monster with dreadful claws, nor that he cares to see more, he glad enough to have survived the race and almost grateful toward the winged beast, as long as it doesn’s come back of course.

Finally he can calm down his lungs and refill them with air, he was indeed at his limit. should quit smoking. Dang yes I should! Perhaps from tomorrow gasp Benjamin leaning on his own knees.

淟et take a look around. Let try to understand where the hell I am and how to get back home, ok? he says to himself while peering and scouting around. The wood is back to a quiet mood and the whole place, at gloaming, is wrapped in a humid stench of mold and death.

A stupid dream, that what it is. Maybe I e fell asleep in front of the TV, watching some of those low class horror movies. Or maybe I just play way too much video-games. Dang! What kind of thing is to find one good guy, perhaps a fair looking one! Running away from a big clawed mouth just like that? Out of no-where I say! Why couldn’s I dream about zombies? That a classic, that makes sense!

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