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The way to Make Toddler Pants From A T-shirt

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How one can make toddler pants from a t-shirt.
Updated on June 23, 2016 Metro Mommy moreContact Creator The best way to make to toddler pants from a t-shirt.
This is a straightforward approach to recycle outdated grownup t-shirts, and an ideal option to create distinctive pants for a toddler. Each toddler wants play pants, and these are an ideal strategy to make some with out stretching your funds, while improving your sewing abilities.

What you want:

a pair of toddler pants that matches them now

an previous t-shirt




sewing machine


tape measure

three/four inch width elastic, or string

a pencil

a security pin

How to make your sample

Lay out your paper, I used huge sheets of manilla paper. In case your paper is just not big enough tape a sheet of paper at the highest and another one at the underside.

Fold your pants at the middle seam of the pants as a way to see the shape of the legs.

Lay on the paper, and trace.

After tracing your sample use your tape measure to measure one inch all the way in which around your pattern (except for the top where it will be two inches) marking it utilizing your pencil.

For the waist of the pants, I measure two inches above the highest nook, and just square it off. You want the waist to be straight throughout. If you employ the decrease corner of the waist you will not have sufficient rise to cowl the diaper. Instead the pants will sit low on their hips.

Once you have your lines use your tape measure that can assist you connect the dots. You use your tape measure to make the lines straighter. You probably have a ruler handy, you can use it as an alternative.

When you will have connected all of the dots, you will have your pattern prepared to cut out. Seize your scissors, and reduce on the surface lines.

At this point you must have a sample larger than the pants you used to trace. Don’t be afraid that it is larger you want a few of it for the hems and the elastic on the waist will assist them fit.

Prepare your materials

Cut the sleeves off your shirt.

Reduce down the sides of the shirt.

Then reduce the shoulders of the the roots t shirts shirt. In case you lower the shoulders out earlier than you reduce the sides then it’s harder to chop the sides evenly.

At this point you should have two items of material.

Laying out your sample

Take one in every of your items of material fold it in two from sleeve to sleeve. With the aspect that you need to be the surface of your pants on the inside of the fold.

Lay your sample out on prime of the fabric, it’s possible you’ll need to attempt it different ways so that you get the design from the t-shirt.

If you end up happy with how you laid it out, pin your pattern onto the fabric.

Cut around the sample, not the sample.

Do that once more so that you’ve each legs in your pants.

Sewing your pants

Lay one of many pieces out flat with the nice side up.

Lay the other piece on prime of the opposite one with the nice side down. Lining up the J components on the left and right. (The J parts are the crotch.)

Pin the pieces collectively.

When you may have pinned your items together you will sew simply the J elements on each facet. You seam ought to be about 1/4-1/2 an inch from the edges.

We wish the seat of the pants strengthened, so you’re going to return and make one other seam. Line your first seam up against your presser foot and simply comply with the stitches down. We do that in order that if one seam opens up there may be another one. Do that on each of the J components.

When you might have sewn the j components take out the pins, and lower the pieces of thread. Now turn your pants in order that the seams you just sewed are even with each other. Pin at the crotch.

Now it’s time to pin up the legs. At this level you possibly can envision type of what your pants should appear like. Match the sting of the fabric for the leg (the front aspect, with the backside) and pin. Do this with the opposite leg too.

Sew your pants. Start at the underside of 1 pants leg, and sew up till you attain the crotch the sew down the other leg. I want doing this as one long line of stitches it is a time saver.

Since we wish the seam at the crotch reinforced, it is easier to simply begin at the bottom of the leg and sew another seam simply just like the earlier step. Line your first seam up towards your presser foot and observe the stitches around.

Now it’s time to make the waist band. Use your tape measure and fold the fabric over. You want the pocket that doing this is making to measure 11/2 inches. When you’ve got it to eleven/2 pin and scoot down a bit of and do it once more. Do this until you have a waist band all the way in which around.

Begin about an inch to one side of one of many seams, cease about an inch from the identical seam. You need to depart an opening to get your cord, or elastic through. Take out the pins! If you forget to do this you might be liable to get caught.

Measure your child’s waist so that you know how lengthy to cut the cord or elastic. For elastic subtract a half an inch, this way it is going to be stretchy, however there is still room to develop.

To thread your cord or elastic by the waist band attach a safety pin. While you get near the back seam stick your pencil through the opposite aspect, and feed it by means of the seam. This makes it easier to get the elastic by the back seam.

After you thread the elastic through, remove the safety the roots t shirts pin, and straight pin the elastic together and make two rows of stitches. You want to reinforce this too since it is going to be one other place that will likely be pulled on. Take out the pin that you simply used to hold the elastic collectively.

Now pin the waist band all the way down to cover the elastic and sew the fabric, not the elastic.

Reduce the entire items of thread that are too lengthy, and take out all the pins. Flip the pants proper side out.

Have the toddler try them on. You can hem the pants legs should you select, but isn’t wanted unless baby is tripping over them otherwise you want a extra completed look.

Save the sleeves and you should use them as a patch if the knees want it or to make a pocket.

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sendingStephanie Bradberry 6 years in the past from New Jersey

I really appreciated your Hub. I’m new to sewing: solely have some pillows, a few quilts, curtains, and beginnings of lounge pants to my credit score. This undertaking is a great strategy to not waste money by ruining your good fabric as you apply. Thanks for the Hub.

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