The end Is Nigh For The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The expanding universe concept posits that the cosmos is in a state of constant breakneck progress. It’s a thesis Marvel Studios has taken to heart across the previous decade as it has plotted the interstellar success of its personal Cinematic Universe.

Men's Custom Hydra Insignia Short Sleeve Tops TeesWith the release this week of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the “MCUmay have notched up its fifteenth instalment since Robert Downey Jr blasted off in the original Iron Man a decade T-shirt ago. Every step has been meticulously overseen by studio president Kevin Feige, with the result that the films are less a sequence of sequels than a complex tapestry, by which every of Marvel’s lycra-clad model ambassadors – superheroes in retro parlance – has their second to shine.

But because the saga continues by means of what Marvel has grandly christened “phase three there are indicators that the tip may be in sight. Not to Marvel superhero films full-cease, after all – with the franchise having thus far grossed $10 billion no accountant on this, or another dimension, would signal off on a suggestion so radical – but to the present Marvel narrative, because it has been laid out since 2007: the potential for an entire Marvel makeover, wherein the present storylines are resolved and reset is pressed, was floated on the weekend by none apart from the all-powerful Feige.

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