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Saving Medicaid — An Pressing SOS

100% Cotton Nightmare Eater Short Sleeve Custom Printed On Children's T-shirt

Yet despite more than 50 years of progress, improvements, and success, the Senate is on the verge of recklessly crafting a bill to repeal and substitute the ACA and finish Medicaid as we know it. Like the terrible AHCA invoice in the House, Senate Republicans want to convert Medicaid to a “per capita cap,” which suggests altering thc shirt Medicaid’s financing structure from a federal assure of protection for all medically mandatory providers to an annual per individual federal thc shirt cost that does not improve regardless of the extent of use or value. Please don’t let this misleading jargon fool you — this is emasculation of health protection for as much as 37 million youngsters and a cut cloaked in confusion so folks can’t see the magnitude of the damage it should do. For example, it claims to provide states “more flexibility” however in reality will pressure states to increase their own spending dramatically, make deep cuts in advantages, or, extra possible, each. Make no mistake: there isn’t any manner the Senate can design a Medicaid “per capita cap” or block grant that won’t hurt low-revenue children and youngsters with disabilities. Adults with disabilities, seniors, and others susceptible Individuals could be damage too. Whole households will be affected. Simply put: Medicaid saves lives. And proper now Medicaid’s life hangs within the stability propelled by greed, callousness and political opportunism. These cuts in Medicaid are being used to pay for tax cuts for the very rich. Children’s essential health needs should not be a political plaything for any get together at any time.

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