Sheldon Cooper Meets Sherlock Holmes

A beloved English professor, who was busy attending a speech by an eminent American theoretical physicist, is electrocuted to his death in the middle of the event in London. With almost a hundred people around him and no signs of any foul play found, the rather curious mishap makes its way to the front page of all the leading English Dailies. Unable to comprehend the facts of the case, the Scotland Yard calls upon the genius detective, who readily agreed to take the case. But almost twelve days into it and with no sign of progress, he decides to pay a visit to the key speaker who dwells in Pasadena, California.

Sheldon: Dear Lord. It was the most traumatic experience my eyes have ever witnessed. I feel so bad. I didn’s feel this bad even when my Meemaw died.

Sherlock: (Examines Sheldon from top to bottom and maintains silence)

Sheldon: Why are you staring at my T-shirt? Is something wrong?

Sherlock: That is a comic book character I presume.

Men's Custom Anticipation Short Sleeve Tee ShirtSheldon: Oh! It Doctor Strange. Its strange that you don’s know him mister. I took you for an avid fan. He is one of the most powerful superheroes in the MCU. He has got to be popular in London too.

Sherlock: I don’s know. He looks kind of . FUNNY.

Sheldon: Haw! How dare you? He is the most sassiest, strongest, clinical and meticulous character ever created. Just wait till Avengers 3 hits the cinema halls and you will see.

Sherlock: (Sarcastically) Yup You know its what I have been waiting for. (Takes in a deep breath and makes himself comfortable on the chair) So, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, do you know the victim who died during your lecture in London.

Sheldon: Huh it almost as if asking a cricket fan if he knows about Sachin Tendulkar.

Sherlock: (agitated) Yes, so how did you know him?

Sheldon: Woah! You are quite a cold person, mister. A normal guy would have been surprised to find out that an American national knows who Sachin Tendulkar is, let alone the fact that he understands Cricket.

Sherlock: You have an Indian friend. Indians are crazy about both Sachin and Cricket. He must have pampered you with this obsession of his for quite some time. It was hardly a difficult leap. So how did you know the victim?

Sheldon: (Delightfully) So you did a research on me? You seem to be good at what you do, detective. Otherwise I occasionally enjoy teaching people about their own professions. And I have to tell you that it happens more frequently than you can imagine.

Sherlock: (Angrily) I do no research. I am not an ordinary detective you see. I am a Consulting Detective, only one in the world for I invented the job. My eyes are all the apparatus I need, my extra-ordinary abilities of deduction is my research. I am the last and highest court of appeal in detection. Research is for novices. Do not insult me by speaking what you just said.

Sheldon: Then how did you know that I have an Indian friend?

Sherlock: (with a crooked smile on his face) Not only do I know that you have an Indian friend. But I can also tell you that he has visited India and returned back only recently. In the past two weeks I deduce.

Sheldon: (With a surprisingly wide smile on his face) That is absolutely marvelous. How did you know that?

Sherlock: Mmm It was easy. When the dean introduced me to you in the cafeteria you were having your lunch and were busy appetizing on a peculiar white colored sweet. The Rasgulla, as they call it in India is a native dish of Bengal. You could have bought it here in Pasadena but not only the balance of probability supports my judgement, but you took it out of a metal container with a branding in Hindi. So there you go. An Indian friend who brought the sweet dish for you from his visit back home.

Sheldon: Amazing. But how did you no that it has been less that two weeks since he returned?

Sherlock: Clever. Rasgulla last for about three days at room temperature and around two weeks if kept refrigerated. Simple deduction.

Sheldon: (Excitedly) I am really amazed. Do it again!

Sherlock: Well, John dated this Indian ︹€?/p>

Sheldon: You have an amazing mind. I like meeting people with higher intellectual prowess than ordinary men. I mean sure you are just a detective and sure you have wasted your talents into a work that isn’s meaningful to mankind, but anyways, I think I like you.

Sherlock: (Stares at Sheldon in disbelief) Anywho, how do you know the victim?

Sheldon: Oh! Dr. Eugene Armitage was a visionary. His initial work in string theory fascinated me into choosing this field as a career. I had met him twice before, such a gentleman. Why would someone kill him?

Sherlock: Well as much as I have gathered from my esearch I am told that he had made a breakthrough in double-quantum teleportation, but was still keeping it under wraps until he was completely sure.

Sheldon: That would be wonderful. It would have definitely gotten him the Nobel Prize next year.

Sherlock: I am certain that now it won’s.

Sheldon: Because Nobel isn’s given posthumously, of course Mr. Smartass.

Sherlock: (taken aback) So the motive of the crime is detected. The suspects remain Dr. Noor Chand and Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald.

Sheldon: Dr. Fitzgerald is an angel. She would never do it. She is here at Caltech only. Dr. Noor on the other hand has pioneered in the search for alternatives to AC current. He is a genius in the field of thermodynamics and electromagnets too.

Sherlock: And since the victim was electrocuted, Dr. Noor Chand becomes a primary suspect.

Sheldon: Yes, but he has struggled a lot to make a name for Pakistan in the field of science. He wouldn’s risk destroying it all for a prize.

Sherlock: Like you said, he had struggled a lot. Men can go to any extent when they are desperate.

Sheldon: It could be possible that you are wrong. What if someone else did this horrifying deed?

Sherlock: I suspected you, Dr. Cooper. But since I have met you, I know you. And I am certain now that you couldn’s have killed Dr. Armitage.

Sheldon: Hey Mister, even I can kill a person. Not that I killed him, but I could e. This brain presently works to make scientific breakthroughs. If however, I decide to turn my powers against the human race, I could very much build a device that could toast half the population on Earth. And what do you even mean that you know me? We have hardly met for a few minutes and I don’s even know your address or your last name.

Sherlock: Yet, your left thumb tells me that you are a devoted gamer, who prefers Playstation over Xbox. Your haircut suggests your meticulous nature, your scalp-line says that you have been visiting the same barber for almost 2 maybe 2 years and five months. Although you tried a different one at some point of time but it didn’s work out so well.

Sheldon: (Surprisingly) Yes, Amy made me change my barber once. That monster was a disaster to my wallet and my beautiful looks.

Sherlock: And of course, there is your girlfriend Amy. Your fingers suggest that you are not very intimate.

Sheldon: That is ludicrous, mister. You cannot just know that.

Sherlock: I also know that you have never been with any other girl before her.

Sheldon: Okay, there is no way that you can tell that without having done a prior research on my life. I feel violated.

Sherlock: Yes, I could tell that without any research.

Sheldon: How?

Sherlock: (With a big smile) Have you checked your face in the mirror?

Sheldon gets up from his chair ready to rip Sherlock another one but the door to his lab suddenly opens and a short, stout man appears.

Watson: Hey, Sherlock. You were right about the affair. It was her, Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald. The fake hair strand story worked. She just confessed. The dean has called the police.

Sheldon: Wait, what?

Sherlock: I always knew it was her. We had to keep her under the impression that I was coming to California for some other reason. What better excuse than saying that we were onto nothing and would need Dr. Cooper help to get the facts. The plan was elaborate you see. So I kept chatting with you, painful as it was, while Watson confronted Dr. Fitzgerald and did the rest of the work.

Sheldon: But how could it

Sherlock: (Getting up and wearing his Trench Coat) You don’s need to be bothered with trivia Dr. Cooper. You have other important things to accomplish for mankind. And for the sake of half the people on Earth you are planning to toast alive, I wish you the very best of luck with your future endeavors.

Sheldon: (Stares at Sherlock with an open mouth)

Sherlock: (Stops at the door) Holmes. The name is Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221B Baker Street.

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