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Hello G4ricans my name is Ernesto Moreno, although most people around here call me Ernie. I am the official (not really official) artist for, which means I make things look pretty. But is that really all I do here? You might ask. Yes that is all I do here, it may not sound like a fun job but trust me it is.

Men's HONCHO Custom Long Sleeve T-ShirtFor example all these fun eet the Feed photos are all my doing (with the exception of Jonathan Goorvich) and those where a blast to do. My passions have always included two things Art and Video Games and thankfully this job combines both. But enough of all this introduction lets get to the interview so you can learn about Ernesto Moreno the man.

Interview: Ernie Moreno – Graphic Artist,
By: Jonathan Goorvich

Jonathan: Your name is Ernie Moreno, but you had no choice in that name, so what would you like us to call you?

Ernie: I actually like my name very much it always made me stand out. Only part I really hate about my name is that people either make that damn Sesame Street joke or put in extra letters like: eArnesto or Arenesto. So in that case I would probably like a name that people who only speak English could pronounce.

Jonathan: What do you do at G4?

Ernie: I a Graphic Artist. Which means I make all the pretty pictures here at Although most of the design elements can be attributed to Dave Hall my job is to make everything look awesome, which isn’s hard when the subject matter is video games. So everyday when a new image is up on the home page or in the little video player below it that me hard at work.

Jonathan: That sounds boring. Can you lie and make your job sound more exciting?

Ernie: I hate you. Ummm let see. Ah! My job is to take all the horrible artwork we get from developers and redo all of it, see many game companies use to better there own video games. They send me artist renderings of potential games and after I have officially called it all crap I masterfully redo it all. Send it back and wait for the hefty sum of money to make it way to my back account.

Jonathan: What is your favorite thing about working at G4 (besides getting to answer this question)?

Ernie: Nothing is better than answering these questions, but if I had to chose one other thing it would be the people around me. Let me try to illustrate working here. Imagine all the buddies you hangout with to play and talk about video games. Now imagine you guys had a website that reported on video games. That pretty much what it like, I mean sure there more of a corporate overtone to it, but for the most part coming to work is fun when everyone around plays video games and loves to talk about it.

Jonathan: If you could tell users anything about G4, what would it be?

Ernie: Working here is awesome!

Jonathan: What are a few of your favorite video games and why do you like them?

Ernie: My favorite video games are all over the place. A couple of retro one are Super Mario 3 (Nintendo Entertainment System), Streets of Rage 2 (Sega Genisis) and Chrono Trigger (SNES). More recent games that I love are Punch-Out!!! (Wii), Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Xbox 360, Playstation 3) and Fallout 3 (Xbox 360, Playstation 3). Keep in mind these this is not a avorite games of all time list. So these are the one I like right now.

Jonathan: Your taste in video games sucks. Defend yourself.

Ernie: I am an equal opportunity video game enjoyer, as long as I enjoy what I play I could care less who made or what system it on. I like all videogames, but my taste in videogames maybe a little weird sometimes. For example I love FPS (Halo 3, COD4 and Old School Counter-Strike) but at the same time I love games like Boom Blox, No More Heroes, Mad World and Rock Band. I all over the place really, but one thing that always I always love to see is classic games revamped for the next gen. Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3 Corruption and Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess were so great. They’e great new games but with a touch of nostalgia.

Jonathan: If you could sit down to dinner with anyone in the world, living or dead, and then helplessly watch them choke to death on a chicken bone, who would it be and why?

Ernie: As morbid as that question is I will answer it. As much as I love this person for the caliber of work they e done. Lately it seems like he has let his own awesomeness get to his head. I think you all know who I talking about. I may get a lot of hate mail for this but I would pick George Lucas. I mean I love his work but lately I find myself defending him for some of his more recent stuff. He brought us some of the most memorable films that will always be with me but when I think of him today I have one word. Meh.

Jonathan: I hear you like comic books. What are some of your favorite ones and why?

Ernie: My favorite ones recently have been The Sword by the Luna Brothers, Kick-Ass by Mark Millar and Wolverine: Old Man Logan by (again) Mark Millar. Being that I work on Fresh Ink I guess it not surprise that I always up to date on some of the best comics around. Back in the day though it wasn’s so much what I liked, it was more of a what-can-I-get-a-hold-of thing. See I grew up in South Whittier, which isn’s a slum or anything, but we aren’s the riches part of town either. So on weekends we used to hit the old Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet because that what Mexican families in Whittier do.

Anyways I would always look for two things while I was there old NES or Super NES games and comics for ten cents. When I got older though I did more graphic novels like Watchmen by Alan Moore, Earthboy Jacobus by Doug TenNapel and Marvel Comics Civil War. That one of the best parts about working here, I get to meet and interview people like Doug TenNaple. In fact just recently I got to (shameless plug) interview Doug on his latest book Monster Zoo.

Jonathan: Rate yourself on a scale of least nerdy to most nerdy employee at G4. Support your answer.

Okay this is going to be pretty hard. See I can see myself being a huge nerd to regular people. I mean when they see me wearing a shirt that says weep the Leg I can see regular people saying ow that nerdy but here at G4 I think I a beginner nerd. I may be a big comic nerd but most G4rians are comic nerds, videogame nerds, Star Wars nerds, Star Trek nerds, Battlestar Galactica nerds and well I could go on. So from one to ten, One being a beginner nerd and ten being the Uber nerd, would rate I think right at four. Because I have the following achievements: Comic Nerd, Videogame Nerd, Star Wars Nerd and I starting to become a bit of a film Nerd.

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