Love Of A Strange Kind

The smoke from the evening traffic gave Vasanth Vihar neighborhood a royal blue hue. 25-year old Rosemary feet dragged her fatigue along as she slowly ascended the stairs to her apartment.

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Another rough day at work following the same routine with endless lecture from her boss, sleazy comments from customers and bitching from her colleagues. The return journey to home gave her a ust face pack. Her only relief at the end of her long day is the man she is returning home to.

As she ascended the stairs, the charm of her life was tuning his guitar in his pajamas at her apartment. The frail figure of the 21-year old was rescued by a well chiseled face. Rose rang the doorbell and he kept his guitar aside to answer it. His energetic 淕ood afternoon honey was given a dull 測eah in reply.

She walked like a zombie towards a kitchen to grab a cold beer and then threw herself to the sofa. She took a few sips before beckoning Kiran. He gave her a special shoulder massage, which felt like sea-waves caressing her veins. The muscles on her shoulder which cried of strain were instantly put to sleep with his arms. He positioned himself behind her and did what he does best to bring a little ease at the end of a rough day.

ow was your day? She asked.
othing much His reply lit a ripple of a frown in her calm face.

Kiran was three years junior to her in college and she fell in love with during her final semester. After she passed out, he decided to become a musician instead of an engineer and dropped out. Six months later, his conservative Brahmin parents decided to burn his guitar and send him back to college; so, he ran out of home as well and started to live with Rose who was living single in Bangalore.

Though she trusted in his talent, she started to feel that he was being static. He did bring his friends together and practised as a band, she was not aware that there were thousands of such bands in the metro alone who played better than them.

Kiran hope for his band meteoric rise now lies in he Indian Rock Marathon set to take place that summer. His massage eased her shoulders, she felt even better when he listened to all her ork-worries with the attention of a toddler listening to a fantasy story.

next in line for promotion, but there is this other female, Meg who keeps ock-blocking me to the boss door to submit the report She said with a frown.
sn’s Cock-blocking a guy phrase? Kiran asked her.
he does that to me, just beats me to the door every time I turn up with something impressive. br> f you can’s beat her, then join her he said with a smile, then added ut don’s forget to beat from the back, goes without saying; Girls are so great at it! She laughed.


The next day, Rose reached home early; tensed to her throat from a phone-call she received while in office.
ello my sweet angel! br> ey dad, how you doing I surprised! br> ell, your mother and I thought of surprising you by coming over to your apartment today, but the plan was dropped. We will parachute to your place by noon tomorrow. br> HAT??!! Rose shot up straight in her chair.

eah, it been six months and you still haven’s got yourself a roommate, how much longer are you planning to stay alone? His concerned tune hit her hard as he was unaware of the truth.
had a girl with me dad, but I had to throw her out Rose rolled her eyes as she was straining her right brain for more fiction y college friend will join me soon enough as she is placed in a multi-national enterprise here. /p>

e want you to start living with a man, as a family. I have come across a nice gentleman with an exotic family background, his name is Colin. Rose cut her dad off before he continued. ad, how can you judge a person from his family? It conservative and out-dated. If I have to share my bed with a guy, he must impress me first, not you! and she hung up, breathing a sigh of relief for having buried this topic for now.


Rose quickly ascended the stairs and started to bang on her apartment door. Kiran opened to find her in panic y parents are coming over. You have to move out for a while! /p>

Kiran looked baffled. o you never told them I live with you? Rose shook her head with a puppy dog face. Kiran wanted to be angry at her but didn’s want to raise her blood pressure any higher.

t alright, don’s worry about me. How long would they be staying over? br> not sure, maybe a few days. It my dad that I worried about. He can smell a rat even after it drowns in a deodorant! /p>


Kiran had to move to his band-mate Richa house. She played the turn-tables for them; Kiran was on lead guitar, Michael on drums and Shamir giving the vocals. The group decided to practise at Richa and they were charged up since they were a week away from ndian rock Marathon

Richa used psychedelic compounds such as LSD and Heroin on a daily basis. She would sometimes break down in tears and tell Kiran about her abusive past where she was often beat up by her step-father; it was a lie and she had a perfectly normal childhood. She used the excuses to use more of the banned substances and to win his sympathy.

The stay eventually started to pulse new vibrations between Kiran and Richa. She used her spare time with Kiran to plant seeds of contempt about Rosemary, he is going to be married quite soon, that why her parents are making such quick appearances. She hasn’s even told them that you exist! What good would a software engineer have with the likes of us? br> ow do you know? Kiran defended Rose feebly while Richa poison seeped into his mind.
hrowing you out was just a first step for her. Try to understand the signals she is trying to send you, don’s live like a baby anymore! /p>


(Two weeks later)

Rosemary asked Kiran to come back home. They were physically together but their chemistry wasn’t the same anymore. Richa influence had Kiran responding to Rose differently.

ow was your stay with your friends? Are you guy hopeful of an entry to the marathon? Rose asked him while she was chopping vegetables and watching T.V.

Kiran looked at her with contempt.
never thought you would call me back, why didn’s you tell your parents that I living with you? br> still need time to introduce our matter Kiran. In fact, you do too, to land your feet on a good job br> will be successful after the Marathon, I need time to build my career in Showbiz Rose; Rock bands don’s arrive for college placements! /p>

At this juncture, Rose switched off the television and faced Kiran; she let out a few thoughts nagging her for a while.
ou’e not doing anything worthwhile for it, you do have big dreams but they are not paying the bills of this house. br>Kiran eyes bulged and mouth dropped open, never expecting Rose to respond to him this way. icha was right he thought.

ills! Now you are worried about bills, so you need money from me now? br> iran, your parents are worried sick and they had called me. They want you back home. br> hat! When did they call you? Why didn’s you tell me? br> wanted to tell you about it for a long while, but never got the chance. 漇he looked down as she said this; she had actually forgotten to tell him.
not going back home, if you don’s want me with you anymore, just say it on my face instead of trying to send signals! He barged out of her door and drove his bike to Richa apartment.

He drove through the streetlights with a numb head, face stolen of any expressions. Amazed at how quickly the tune of relationships can change. He reached Richa apartment with his head hanging on his shoulder with remorse while he found his crew as if they were hit by thousand volts of electric energy!

treax productions want to sign us for their next rock album! drunken Richa was swaying in tangents as she ran over to Kiran and hugged him. The rest of the band was there as well, celebrating this news with booze. He gave her a weak smile and a fake 榶aay while on another day he would’ve jumped off the roof if he had heard news like this!

Shouldn’t we start practice today? he asked.
Richa handed him her drink, e have our audition only day after, so we can just chill. Take this, and sit down, coz tonight, we deserve it! br>After a while, she went near him and whispered, have a little something planned for just the two of us, after these losers leave and gave him a soft kiss before refilling her drink.


(Streax Production Studios)
The studio manager at Streax was Rosemary cousin Stalin. He was the only one in her family who knew that Rose had a secret roommate. The band arrived there with heavily beating hearts and set up stage at the recording room. They played the song omething for Beloved It was a song written by Kiran to his ex-girlfriend in college while they were together. The lyrics were as follows:

極h Angel, Oh Bride, Oh Sweet Butterfly
You’e my love, my shine, my eternal divine

From Your heartbeat rise shall mine fall
From the tears from your eyes cause a storm in my heart
From the depths of your lips start the rim of the sea

Until we hold our hands and watch time fly
Until you sing our children a sweet lullaby /h2>

Stalin nodded his head and tapped his foot in rhythm to the music played on the floor. He called Kiran over to his office an hour after they finished performance.

liked your style of music; it has a different touch to it. I shall try my best and recommend you guys to the board. Anyways, how life? You are still with Rose right? br>Kiran took a short while before he agreed; Stalin noticed it and asked s everything alright? br> t just a rough patch we are going through br> aybe she is tensed cause of the family pressure to get married. Stalin remarked.
This statement surprised Kiran, but he acted calm. He thanked Stalin for the opportunity, Stalin smiled in response.


Kiran drove to Rose apartment that evening with great speed. He wanted to question her about the roposal and why she didn’s tell him about it. He felt a slight relief thinking this could be the reason for the rift between them. Upon reaching her apartment, he found that her door was ajar.

He slowly walked inside to find Rose wearing just a shirt and lying beside the sofa with her face soaked in tears. He also noticed his luggage was neatly packed and placed in the hall. She seemed to have cried the whole day; she leered at him as would to the devil.

She opened her palm slowly to reveal a pouch of heroin and a syringe, found these under your clothes! Her voice quivered and dragged under the weight of her broken heart.

The artist attention moved to the syringe in her hand. It seemed quite similar to him, she continued, have packed your belongings in them; Take it and never come back. I don’s want you polluting my life anymore She threw the syringe weakly at Kiran, it rolled on the floor.

Kiran picked up the syringe. He recognized as those which belonged to Richa! He was perplexed on how they landed amongst his clothes, but he didn’s bother justifying to Rose. He decided to move away from a woman who fails to understand him. The man who was a tonic for her once upon a time is now toxic!


The break-up is a time for distractions. The mind needs to indulge in something new or someone new to bury the grey memories of the past. When a rose wilts, it just falls and becomes lost to the bio-infinity.

Kiran took refuge in heavy metal and booze. The pain in his heart gave a
new depth to his music. Richa found this opportunity and locked her legs on him; she introduced him to her syringes as well. This made his already frail physique resemble a scarecrow! Music and sex gave him his relief from the break-up.

Rosemary started to communicate with Colin. The T.V network official whom father mentioned earlier. She became quite close to the bloke and started calling him several times at night and would sometimes weep over the phone, when Kiran memories haunted her.

Colin was interested in Rose and visualized them together. He listened to her sobs and whimper for hours, motivated by just a thought he is getting closer to me


(Five years later)

The baby-girl was sleeping in its cot. It face more serene than an evening sunset at the beach. Its mother was busy washing dishes in the kitchen. Rosemary first child was still howling amongst his toddler friends in the sandpit located off the park nearby.

She finished with her dishes and walked into the apartment gardens to call her a little monkey back home. Producing two kids with Colin took a toll on her looks. Rose looked just as plump and big-butted as the rest of the mothers in the neighborhood.

She also missed going to work; Pregnancy and child care didn’s give her the time for it. She noticed the men in their neighborhood return home in the evening. olin would arrive from his T.V Station any moment now she thought. Rose elder child ichard splashed water at her while she tried to bathe him.

Colin rang the doorbell and she answered the door.
ow was your day today? br> othing much She replied with a sigh, hoping he would notice her dull mood, he didn’t.
h that ok; today we got the rights to broadcast aught on cam from the UBC network He said with a broad smile.
mmm Least interested in the television industry, Rose couldn’t seek out any other topic for a casual conversation from this workaholic.
She served Italian Pasta for dinner, taking extra care with the recipe so that Colin wouldn’t find any faults with it like he did before.

Colin finished his meal and got up. ow, no complaints thought Rose.
ell, how it? She asked him.
o problems br> s it good? er pupils widened with hope.
eah and he sat on the couch, to resume the idiot box on the wall.
This response infuriated Rose, hen why don’s you just tell me that you liked it without me asking you? /p>

Colin looked up at her in surprise, hat am I supposed to say? br> not a dramatist to give you lines to speak; I a woman who would like to be appreciated for something she worked hard for. /p>

He got up ou’e throwing in a lot of unnecessary drama right now, what the matter? br> getting claustrophobic here. Sitting all day at home working like a nanny isn’s why I have a B.Tech degree with a multinational experience. br> earn more money than two Rosemary put together, then why waste effort? /p>

t not about the money Rose said defensively, her eyes breaking contact. Silence followed for a minute.
Colin inquisitive eyes sharpened to those of doubt o, you’e missing your old lifestyle? Rose confessions of her relationship with Kiran would at times haunt Colin subconscious.
hat do you mean? br> ou miss the control that you used to have, the attention and the accolades from that man. You might also miss running the house too? His voice trailed off to a leer.

Rosemary eyes filled with tears of shock. She stormed off to the bathroom and banged the door behind her. The baby woke up and started to cry; Rosemary had to come out and tend to her, tears running down her cheeks as she put the baby to sleep.

That night, Colin and Rose lay sleepless on either side of the bed. They thought about the situation in tangents.

Colin wondered why women would never trust men enough to provide for them and the family, or was she really missing her past life?
Rose loathed the office politics but she missed being a part of the working class, she hated Colin more for twining her past to this issue. as it a mistake that I shared my history with him? She thought.


The next day morning, Rosemary glanced through her newspaper from her dinner table while having sips of coffee. Colin was busy dressing up for work. Both were drowsy since their sleep was stolen from the fight last night.
Rosemary stumbled upon the entertainment page and found the sponsored ad at the bottom right.

angalore welcomes the International rising star back to his homeland The picture was of Kiran jamming with his guitar!

Rose who was starting to fade within felt a rise in her spirit. She closed her eyes and felt him play his guitar in another room just like yesterday. His soothing neck massages and his smile, boyish pranks and love came rushing into her mind. Colin heavy footsteps woke her up from her day-dream. Rose missed the friend in Kiran, if not the lover. She wanted to visit him regardless since he was in Bangalore. Excellence of art which led to fame and prosperity. Her prayers were answered by the almighty without her knowledge!


The Marriott Hotel was drowned by the shouts and cheers of hundreds of fans who waited for one glimpse of their rock idol. Rain lashed heavily at the crowd and the streets started to overflow. Rose managed to reach the reception.

She had not rehearsed what she would tell the receptionist, what possible relation could this mother of two have with the rising Rock Idol of the country. She blurted out her name to the poor girl at the desk who seems to be multi-tasking the work of five employees!

After waiting for an hour, she saw Stalin walking through the lobby. She immediately went over to him and he led her to the Penthouse floor where Kiran was staying for this tour.

The penthouse floor had the elegance of red and the class of orange with hints of green. An enormous chandelier hung from its centre which illuminated it like an inverted Christmas tree! The royal combination would give someone an impression that royal families were living within its doors. The person who came out looked shabbier than the plumber in the basement. Kiran had just blown a fresh line of cocaine from the table before gathering the strength to face the woman who was inspiration to many of his famous songs.

Kiran had a bald head. Several tattoos on both his arms, she saw a rose tattoo on his left shoulder. He noticed that she was looking at it.
thought I’ never see you again. br>She smiled at him. ou must be so happy now that your dream has come true br> t came at a price for which I still paying for inside of me. br>His mind took him to the day he found Richa motionless in her apartment, Cocaine dust spread across her bleeding nose. Her eyes staring towards infinity, pupils weren’t blinking for a fraction of a second.

Rose came forward, there for you; tell me what is bothering you Kiran? br>He stepped back and looked at her in contempt, hy now?, Why weren’t you there for me when I needed your light, you put me in darkness! blink
Rose looked stunned, y love for you was pure. I would have given you a second chance if I hadn’t found those drugs amongst your clothes. /p>

HEY WERE NOT MINE! Kiran shouted. nd about your pure love, did it depend on searching amongst my clothes and snooping for banned substances. Is that a love which has trust? br> ou have followers; you have people who love you for your passion, for your music! /p>

usic is not my drug anymore. It only means to get my doses of drugs! br>The cocaine which Kiran snorted started to kick into his head. He approached Rose and embraced her and his fingers started to explore areas which is no longer within bounds for him.
At once, Rose pushed him away and screamed, or almost a year, I fed you, took care of you and gave you hope. Now, you want to treat me like a whore? After all these years, is this what I mean to you? /p>

Kiran eyes swayed as his mind went into a psychedelic trance. Her furious shouts felt like a melody. ommon baby He started to stay in her melody.
She ran away from him screaming, ou’e a monster!! /p>


That evening, she felt her muscles tense as her husband reached home, first time in her life. As he took a bath and ate on the dinner table, she held back the horror from him. She felt that he wouldn’s believe her, or if he did ︹€? hy did you want to meet that man in the first place? /p>

What reasonable answer would she have for such a question? She held back everything from him. Her feet started to tremble; she felt sick and also couldn’s sleep that night. She was anxious whether Colin documented a change in her body language.

Colin received a call in the early hours the next morning and he left the house well before 7a.m. Rose was tired and she lay there until 9a.m.

Rose switched on the television and her jaw dropped open when she saw what the breaking news was on Colin television channel.

The reporter was announcing the breaking news. 漈his just in: Pop star Kiran Bhadra was arrested in the wee hours of the morning on counts of possession of 3.5 Kg of heroin at his suite at Hotel Marriott. The arrest followed video evidence of drug-related abuse and also a case of molestation has been filed on the musician. The musical tour is likely to be cancelled. The video on T.V showed some blurred images of Kiran in between his deeds. He was scammed by hidden cameras, probably installed by ATVS station.
was there yesterday Rose thought.


Colin was driving towards the police station. He had to submit the video documents which were planted in Kiran suite to the police. He had excluded Rose clip from the bunch.

He had seen Kiran misbehaving with his wife yesterday from the hidden location while monitoring Kiran through the spy camera. Immediately he took the decision to inform the authorities what was really happening inside this public hero locked doors.
The unbolted exhibition of drugs and its related physical and sexual abuse, Rose was not an isolated incident. The camera captured many of Kiran misdeeds. The mastermind behind the scam took just one night to turn the glitzy and glamorous life of a celebrity into a nightmare!

The police station was swarmed by reporters waiting to pounce on the latest scoop (Latest news). Police constables did their best to ward off the tons of fans who thronged the area too, many shouting slogans of protest.

Colin submitted the documents and went over to the superintendent, ake sure he locked up for good, he instructed with a cold stare, the Superintendent responded, ake sure the videos and the negative hype spreads, politicians and actors from the top should claim to have no association with this beast, we will take care of the rest! /p>

Colin spotted Kiran sitting at the desk, accompanied by his lawyer who was filling out forms.Kiran saw Colin too and recognized him as Rose other half. He sneered at the man.

Colin strutted over to Kiran, ou are served br>Kiran gave Colin a cold stare, a look which seemed to flash memories of a past where a bed of roses turned into a puddle of sludge. he left me, she will leave you too br>Colin replied to this with a straight spine, shall still respect her as I am a man! br> a man who plays with words too, but look at where I stand right now? br> our ego has killed your talent. Colin turned his back and went back to the officer as he was done talking to Kiran. The convict looked down at the dirty floor of the station.



Colin was driving back home as the sun returned to the horizon. ose needn’t know He thought.
He reached the apartment and found her waiting near the gate. He got out of the car and walked towards the love of his life.

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