Green Monster Fenway Park Boston T Shirt From Busted Tees Tshirt Groove

That the Green Monster in Fenway with the Citgo sign in the background, except that it says Boston, because this shirt is aimed squarely at folks from Boston, who get pretty nostalgic about their town and their teams. Actually, I better make sure that the Green Monster or those same Bostonians may hunt me down and hurt me. I e seen all those movies set in Bean Town. The Departed, The Fighter, Transformers III. That some rough and tumble shit.

Men's Ink Runs Through My Veins Desgin Long Sleeve T-ShirtIf you’e from Boston or want to pretend you are, then you need to get this Green Monster Fenway Park Boston T Shirt without delay or you’e a fraud, a fake, a poseur.

Busted Tees Loyalist line of sports t-shirts continues to grow and target some of the iconic places and figures from the sporting world.

You can see the Citgo sign beyond the Green Monster in this geeky video about the math behind a home run. Might as well learn something while you’e in a sports frame of mind.

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