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Evil Minion Names

Training and Science
Evil Minion Names
Updated on December 2, 2013 Yume Tenshi moreContact Author The Aspiring Overlord’s guidebook to choosing distinctive evil minion names!
Have you ever ever had to decide on a reputation for one among your evil minions?

Feeling a bit uncreative on the subject of creating evil minion names?

Men's Desgin Day of the Dead Skull No5 Short Sleeve T ShirtsIf that’s the case, and we understand it is likely to be, then welcome to what’s presumably the best resource on Minion Names! Are we allowed to boast like that? Sure, we are! In any case, we’re The Minion Manufacturing unit – and, minions are what we know best! So, gather round aspiring young evil overlords, and allow the Minion Manufacturing facility to entertain you. Right this moment, we might be educating you ways to decide on one of the best title in your little minions from our Ultimate Record! We will even train you find out how to cook up your own names with a simple to observe recipe! Have enjoyable!

Egocentric Promotion: Do you know that The Minion Manufacturing unit wrote an article explaining to younger overlords tips on how to take care of their minions?

About minion names
A number of issues to know earlier than we begin naming them!
Because we’re so incredibly evil, artistic and simply awesome, we are going to skip all the foolish techno-mumbo-jumbo, flowery introductions and cookies, diving straight into the nitty-gritty! You see, young overlord, there are a number of vital things to consider before naming your minion. Basically it is a small dummies’ record of issues to know. Things like:

1. Are minion names restricted by gender, and or age?

2. Ought to the minion’s identify replicate its personality?

Three. Can we change a minion’s identify?

4. What are the commonest minion names?

5. How do I select a singular clever evil identify for my minion?

But, worry not young one. The Minion factory has every thing beneath management! In case you give us some more cookies, and maybe vodka, we’ll train you all the things that there’s to know about naming your minions.

Gender-Benders – Minion names for everyone!
You asked us and we answered! Are minion names restricted by gender, and or age?

No! Do you know that the majority of minions are asexual? Which means that minion names aren’t restricted by gender! Is not that nice news?

However, what about age? When is a minion simply too old to receive a reputation? This too is one other simple query to reply. So long as your minion plays a vital function in your scheme to take over the world – it needs a name! [In accordance with The Minion Handbook, Chapter VI, para. Four.b] In any case, where is the enjoyable in shouting “Quantity eleven, pull that lever!” or “Quantity 2, deliver me my laser of perpetual suffering!” if you may very well be screaming “Slasher! Feed me extra of the marriage cat!” So, if the minion in query is going to play an important role in your evil schemes, then we advise that you just give it a reputation, no matter its age.

Understood? Good. Transferring on…

Despicable Me Deluxe 8-Inch Plush Determine Minion Jorge Buy Now Despicable Me Presents: Minion Madness Buy Now T-Shirt – Despicable Me – Entrance Face,Yellow X-Massive Buy Now Minion Persona Traits
The title should mirror the personality kind!
You requested us whether or not the name we are going to give a minion should mirror its personality or not. The answer, young unenlightened overlord, is a very simple “Yes”. Do you know that most of the time the title is impressed by the character traits (or disfigurements!) of your minion. Does it have just a few missing teeth? Name it Hole! An annoying limp making the minion stands out from the remaining? Nicely, Limp seems to be an ideal identify, doesn’t it? Does your little explicit minion stammer when it stands in your almighty wicked presence? Identify the minion Shakes! “Pull that lever Shakes!”

Altering a minion’s identify – Why? Because we friends t shirt online are able to!
It’s rumored that there comes a time in every overlord’s life when he or she adjustments priorities. Instantly, taking over the world is not that glamorous anymore. Stealing Christmas presents have develop into a dull and tedious chore. Chasing after the hero has misplaced its previous luster.

Why should you be the just one to alter, during this confusing time? Go ahead and change the names of your minions! See that huge burly minion holding the cudgel? Change his name from Bash to one thing flowery like Whack-a-Doo, or maybe Smack-a-Doo?

Consider your self to be an arty lyrical overlord? Start rhyming their names and add selection (and rhythm) in your evil career! “Whack-a-Doo, Smack-a-Doo and Slap-a-Doo, carry my tea and morning newspaper, before I turn a blue hue!”

Disclaimer: The Minion Factory can’t guarantee the effectiveness of your evil repute when you begin making up sing-tune rhymes. The truth is, if you’re severely fascinated by doing that, we’d advocate you read “Get motivated and take back your life!” urgently!

What are the most typical minion names?
As a result of I am lazy and don’t want to create my very own!
[PLEASE Notice: The minions moved this part to the bottom of the page in an try and annoy us. We apologize for the inconvenience. Or not… I’m getting a little bit too outdated for this *sighs*]

I want to decide on a novel and clever identify for my minion!
In seven straightforward steps!
We created this “straightforward-to-learn” part along with your serious plight in thoughts. Aren’t we nice? Sure. I do know. We are. Very! Now, please allow this rambling and dotting old overlord to share with you the secret of choosing unique and inventive evil names to your minions. In addition to, only wise old overlords are allowed to ramble, or have not you read The Tao of the Evil Overlord? Getting again on subject…

The 1st step:

Make a strong cup of espresso, tea, vodka, milk or Kool-Support. Essential to notice that it should be robust and must be YOUR favourite beverage. Otherwise, make one thing for us. Vodka combined with coffee! We cannot thoughts. Now, drink the beverage.

Step Two:

Make one other cup of your favourite beverage. Drink slower this time. Remember. Manners! Presentation is all the things.

Step Three:

Look at the minion in query. Jot down what you need for dinner, err, a few character traits and other important disfigurements distinctive to this specific minion.

Step 4:

Order dinner.

Step Five:

Be certain that that you’ve learn “Introducing The Minion Manufacturing facility!” What? We are a bunch of sneaky evil overlords, so selfish self-promotion comes with the package deal.

Step Six:

Decide what kind of personality the little evil minion has. Is it an artsy and dreamy minion? Is it a burly bashing minion? Or maybe it’s the nicely-intending however clumsy minion sort? Write down this as this can be very important!

Step Seven:

Learn our list that follows and choose a unique identify on your evil minion!

The best checklist of unique evil minion names! – It is our record containing A – Z minion names!
Remember step six from earlier? Sure you do, since you wrote down what sort of personality your evil minion has. Now, look for the title that would probably fit your minion. Don’t be concerned about how it works. The proper title will merely “jump-out” of this extremely awesome list! If it would not, we won’t apologize! Ever!

Accepted Artsy Minion Names:
Such a minion is well-known for its inventive endeavors. Appropriate for minions tasked with decorating your evil lair, or serving to the kidnapped princess decide on a dress to wear to dinner. We cataloged the following four artistic minion names as examples:

Artsy-Antsy. Acrylic-Joe. Paintbrush-Pong. Spray-Paint.

Bashing Bully Minion Names:
The bashing bully minion is properly-known for its burly physique-construct and brutish manners. These minions are excellent for, properly, bashing issues. Like that computer or fridge that simply doesn’t want to work the best way you need them to. Examples of their names are:

Bash. Whack. Smack. Hack.

Loopy Chasing Minion Names:
Crazy Chasing Minions are the kind most suited to – chasing. Yep. That simple, isn’t it? Make them chase the hero round in your labyrinth, or chase after that world-dooming-pc-chip you need on your latest science challenge! Just a few names appropriate for them are:

Cheese. Run. Jog. Dash.

Devastatingly Dumb Minion Names:
A mainstay in overlord culture. What are we overlords without a couple of of those minions? Dumb. Unintelligent. Dim. **sighs and trails off, mumbling**

Brick. Brok. Thick. Grog.

Energetic Evil Minion Names:
This sort of minion, though energetic and desperate to please, is easy to recognize due to the truth that disaster follows them around nearly like a bad scent follows a bit of cheese round. Just a few examples of names for them are:

Sparky. Grin. Sloppy-Joe. Sputnik (yep, the satellite was named after a minion!)

Faithfully Failing Minion Names:
Worse than the Devastatingly Dumb Minions are Faithfully Failing Minions. You’ll be able to, in reality, Rely on them to fail at whatever activity you give them. So, plan accordingly! Faithfully Failing Minions put on names like:

Flat-Fork-Freddy. Frothy-Joe. Flap. Flop.

Geeky Gullible Minion Names:
Nearly as rare as rooster teeth! These minions are a should have for anyone who desires to dominate any sort of MMORPG! They are sometimes referred to as geeky names like:

Slideshow_3lf. L!nux_waif_22. DOS_2.3. Dot.

Joyful Hippy Minion Names:
Wish to stage that green-love-movement however have no companions to assist you? Effectively, stack up on these minions as they are true tree-huggers! They’re easily recognized by their nature-impressed names, equivalent to:

Dances-Very-Badly. Runs-With-Espresso. Prancing-Sky. Pounces-on-Tigers

Itchy Irritated Minion Names:
Deep in your dungeon there is a minion standing guard. The forgotten captive he is guarding over has long since perished, however faithfully he will stand there, at midnight dim dungeon – guarding, with an itch. Why? Because you will have fleas in your dungeon dolt!

Scratchy-Sean. Scurvy-Sam. One-Eyed-Jack. George.

Joking Joker Minion Names:
Every overlord ought to have one of those humorous and inspiring minions! Why? As a result of laughter is the best medication! That is why we overlords snigger so much. Joker Minions have names like:

Slap-Foolish. Spork. Asinine.

Kindly Kindred Minion Names:
These minions make great healers. Their sort nature is finely tuned to nurturing their wounded brethren. We advocate having not less than a dozen of them in your evil lair.

Florence-Heal-A-Minion. First Support. Kool-Help.

Lazy Lousy Minion Names:
Some days are identical to that, and there’s nothing we will do about them. Our instance:

Dull. Darn. Fin. Soup.

Marvelous Minion Names:
And a few days are approach higher! For instance:

Magnificent Chomper. Maleficent Zorg. Black Beard!

New Numbered Minion Names:
When your minion army grows huge and numberless it really is easier to easily quantity them. Just a few examples can be:

2 hundred and fifty one. One thousand 9 hundred and eighty seven. On second thought, do not write out the numbers, just go with: Ninety nine. 1545. 57.

Opportunistic Ogling Minion Names:
Looking for a spy? Or perhaps you’re in search of an evil voyeur? Then these minions are what you’re in search of! (Lame pun so meant! **geeky air-punch** Rating!) They have names like:

Prickly Eyes. Ocularus-Far-Us. Telescopticus.

Proudly Powerful Minion Names:
The good Guide of Minion Myths from long ago tells tall tales of minions proud and highly effective. Whether it’s true or not, we do not know, however we did discover a number of classic and epic names, reminiscent of:

Minion the Hood. Minioncus. Minion the Daring. The Beard.

Quaintly Quarrelsome Minion Names:
You already know them properly. Like a rabid pack of flies they attack one another, or their victims. There is a sure magical symphony in watching them – destroy.

Hurtle. Smash. Destro the Destroyer. Olaf the Brash.

Ragging Ragged Minion Names:
Comparable in character and form as the Quaintly Quarrelsome Minions, they too love destroying issues! Essentially the most notable distinction is perhaps the foam around their mouths. They put on names like:

Ugh! Splat! Bonk! Womf!

Sultry Sexy Minion Names:
There are instances when an overlord cannot rely on his or her charms to wile the hero. For this, we created Sultry Sexy Minions! They’ve names like.

Shiny-Pink-Lips. Hunky-Hank. Lengthy-Legs. Luscious-Lashes.

Timely Tidy Minion Names:
Tasked with the upkeep of your lair, Timely Tidy Minions are one of the best employees an overlord can find! They’re, effectively, timely, and keep to their tasks with a terrific determination and focus. They are virtually scary with that tenacious perspective!

Tidy-Timothy. Alfred. Wonihoff-Aufenstan.

Universally Ugly Minion Names:
You say that there isn’t any such thing as a Universally Ugly Minion? What do you know young overlord? I will have you already know that in our time… [**extremely long ramble removed resulting from lack of area**]

Org the Beast. Garnish the Radish.

Very Important Minion Names:
These are the minions around which your evil plan’s success hinges. They are, vitally necessary to completing that evil scheme! Often they could have names like:

Primary. Robin. Stan. Minion.

Broadly Nicely-recognized Minion Names:
Yep. Aren’t we nice? We even included the next effectively-identified minion names:

Marv. Gareth. Tom. Claire.

Xilliac Xorincious Minion Names:
This beforehand unknown species of minions was just recently discovered by several scientists from The Minion manufacturing unit. They hail from a planet, in a galaxy far-far away, and are made fully of chocolate!

Xong. Xilliian. Xor.

Yielding Yellow Minion Names:
Best stored around your fortress, busy, cleaning! Why? These minions are known to faint on the sight of a hero, a confrontation or even coffee. Handle them with care and put them in positions where they will not want plenty of bravery.

Pale. Flower. Pea.

Zealously Zany Minion Names:
What to do with these friends t shirt online unusual zany minions, you ask? Well, we do not really know. It’s best to present them a keg of gunpowder and point them within the course of the heroes, however then, perhaps it isn’t such a superb thought, by no means mind.

Zingy. Spring. Laf.

Did you go to

The Minion Manufacturing facility

as we speak?

Please notice: The following recipe, if used correctly, will outcome within the creation of one of the best, the greatest and the most artistic evil minion names – EVER!

*[Batteries usually are not included with this checklist. Pondering not included. Creativity sold separately. Terms and conditions apply solely on days when a full moon is out. Cookies are vital.]

Prep time: 5 min

Cook time: 5 min

Ready in: 10 min

Yields: One Overlord

Crisp Colour

Utensil/ Instrument/ Object


First off we start our recipe with selecting a crisp fresh shade.

In the present day, I will likely be utilizing BLUE. Place the coloration into your cooking pot. Appears to be like good, doesn’t it?

Now you should add an object, software or utensil. I am within the kitchen so I’ll be using a SPATULA. See how shiny it is? Shiny!

Add it into the pot with the color and stir effectively. Depart to simmer for five minutes.

Hmm, smells great! We are virtually accomplished young minion chefs!

Now we must add a physique half. Any old physique half will do just advantageous, but you need to remember that typically less is more.

I’ll be using a generous sprinkling of EYES. Remember to stir nicely! Go away the concoction to simmer for another five minutes.

All carried out!

This minion title is best served with creativity, laughter and whimsical needs!

Wish to see the results of what we simply cooked up? Here it is!

Blue Spatula Eyes. — Our creative and distinctive evil minion name!
Charge Me! 1 2 3 4 5 Cast your vote for Brewing up a minion title! Did not like all of the instructed evil names?
Sure, you favored them, but just for fun…
Why don’t you try out our Online Evil Identify Generator?

Thanks for reading this article!

We hoped that you simply discovered one thing about minion personalities as well as selecting minion names.

Like true evil overlords, we love listening to from our victims! So share your ideas, minion names and concepts right here!

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