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Raster Art Vs. Vector Artwork

Raster art vs. Vector artwork

Raster artwork is any digital artwork composed of horizontal and vertical rows of pixels. In consequence, when raster pictures are enlarged, the picture quality diminishes significantly. Typical raster file sorts embody .psd, .tif, .jpg, .gif, and .bmp.

Vector artwork is digital art composed of mathematical traces and curves. In consequence, vector pictures may be diminished or enlarged in measurement indefinitely, without any loss in image quality. Typical vector file sorts embrace .ai, .eps, .ps, .indd, big lebowski t shirts .pdf, and .cdr.

Women's Swirly Skeleton Print Long Sleeve Tee ShirtIf you happen to add a raster picture in CustomInk’s Design Lab, and you’d prefer it to look exactly as-is on your shirts (i.e. a photograph), the minimum DPI (dots per inch) requirement is 200 at precise print dimension. In case your image just isn’t 200 DPI at the scale you want it to be printed, or when you submit a raster clipart-like picture, certainly one of our skilled production artists will recreate your picture as vector artwork, free of charge! So that you can be assured that no matter big lebowski t shirts what, we’ll do all the things doable to get your image on your shirts precisely the way in which you need it.

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