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In spite of the rising numbers of younger ladies who at the current time are known as upon to earn their livelihood by their own exertions, there is usually to be seen a regrettable want of enterprise in searching for out new employments, the competitors by which can be much less, the work not more durable and the remuneration nearly as good. A young woman who has to support herself too generally turns her consideration to some specific line of work, not because it’s best adapted to her capacities, however as a result of a whole bunch, or it could also be hundreds of young girls have undertaken it already, although, if she knew it, this is really a motive why she is much less likely to succeed the place there may be a lot competitors. Thus, every time there are vacancies within the Postal or Telegraph Service, the candidates are 5 or sis instances as quite a few as the locations to be crammed; there are additionally innumerable applications for any situation as amanuensis or non-public secretary of any variety, and because just a few ladies have succeeded as kind-writers, we now see countless ladies promoting for employment as type writers; and it is identical with each employment entered into by women, each being thought-about “right ” in proportion as it is not uncommon.
One of many uncared for employments is one which, it seems to us, girls are admirably qualified by natural capability and energy to fill, that namely of cleric or assistant librarian. The sudden impetus that has been given to the institution of free libraries must necessarily have prompted numerous such conditions to be thrown open. and but it’s unusual how very hardly ever we hear of girls being thus engaged. The work is suited to their energy, the hours are ordinarily not longer than those in public workplaces, the pay, it’s true, shouldn’t be giant, however it’s as much as in the minor government clerkships, however but a really small per centage of public libraries employ ladies or women even in a subordinate capability. On this matter England is far behind the United States, as not only are women chief State librarians in six of the States, however we’re repeatedly reminded that in Boston greater than two-thirds of the officials in the public libraries are women. We think in lots of cases that is the end result not of intentional unfairness, however as a result of it has not been sufficiently the custom for younger ladies to apply for these situations.
An software was just lately made to seventy or eighty of the principal free libraries inquiring whether girls were employed, and the solutions, although exhibiting an advance from the statistics of female employment furnished tshirts for new dads by the Statistical Report. on Free Libraries ready by Mr. C. W. Sutton, of Manchester, in 1882, have been but very far from satisfying. In lots of circumstances where there are no ladies employed, the chief librarian expresses himself favourable to their engagement.
The library which stands the very best on our listing is that of Manchester. On this, and in its numerous branches, forty two girls are engaged — one of these being librarian at a branch library (Ancoats) at a wage of £75 per annum. The others are clerks and assistants who are paid from 10s. to 21s. a week.
Bristol is equal in significance. Out of 40 assistants in the library and its branches, twenty-five are ladies and of the fifteen male assistants six are porters, leaving but 9 for the correct work of the library, and of these several are boys. ‘Three of the 5 branches are managed solely by females, there being in fact, at porter and a charwoman as well as. The salaries range from 8s. to 21s. every week (the intermediate salaries being 10s., 11s., 12s., 13s., 14s., and 15s. it week), the higher quantity being to the department librarians. In a single instance the latter receives 38s. every week.
At Bradford seven female assistants have been employed for almost eight years, and the chief librarian testifies from his experience that they’re eminently adapted for attending on the borrowers and doing the clerical work of the department. Their ages are from thirteen to full age, and the salaries vary from 6s. to 23s. a week.
In Blackpool, a lady, Miss Eteson, is chief librarian, and a young woman is engaged as assistant. In Derby, one woman has been there for 15 years. Her salary is £35.
In Salford, the Peel Park Royal Museum Library, a lady has been normal “cataloguer ” for the past three years, and final summer time a young girl was engaged as assistant in the lending library. The cataloguer is paid £91 per annum, and the younger assistant £40.
In Sheffield one lady is engaged at a branch library; wage £39 per annum.
In Birmingham there’s one girl librarian at a department free library, winch is barely open from 6 to 9 o’clock p.m. Her wages are 10s. every week and residence. There may be one on the Birmingham Library in Union Street who’s paid £5 it mouth.
In Bridgewater a woman is librarian.
In St. Helen’s two women are employed as assistants, and their conduct gives every satisfaction.
In Scotland very few girls are engaged in this work. In Paisley there have been two ever since the library was opened in 1870; their wages are 6s. and 7s. per week, the hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m, and from 6 to 9 p.m., with half an hour’s relaxation at mid-day.
In Aberdeen Public Library we’re informed that two ladies have been just lately appointed as assistants at salaries of 10s. a week. Some additions are contemplated for the Dundee library, and when these are completed it could possibly employ ladies.
Many non-public and subscription libraries employ women. There is a female librarian at the Fitzroy library in Lewes. There’s one other at the Buddies’ Institute, Bishopsgate Street, London ; and there may be, or was, one within the library at Waterford; also at Mansfield in Nottinghamshire ; at Wolverhampton, a lady, Mrs. Cooper, is librarian on the subscription library, Waterloo Street, and has held the submit for several years. In Preston there aren’t any girls in the free library, but the city reference library, under the control of the Corporation, has had a woman librarian for thirty years. In Reading no girls at the moment are engaged, but before the public library was established a lady was librarian of a proprietary free library for several years.
Within the South London Fine Art Library, 207, Camberwell Road, Miss Olver is librarian and secretary, and has been so since 1884. The work here we are advised is “not the reduce and dried work of a library, but requires power, unique thought, and devotion, all of which Miss Olver provides in a remarkable diploma.”
Undoubtedly there are different cases through which ladies are employed, for the inquiry was not exhaustive, and we shall be very grateful to our associates and correspondents if they are going to ascertain if any feminine assistants are employed on the libraries in their neighbourhood, and tell us the end result.
The massive majority of answers received have had a distressing uniformity. There aren’t any girls employed. From the princely institutions of Leeds, Liverpool, Leicester, Nottingham, Preston, Wigan, Bolton, and others too numerous too point out, the identical response got here, but the opinion of the chief librarian was in most cases very favourable to their being engaged. To quote just a few from a wide range of replies:-
“The appointments are so tshirts for new dads very satisfactory that I regret their not being effected years ago. I don’t see, after spending forty three years of my life as a practical librarian, that there are any duties, or any type of labor in a Free Reference or Lending Library which a lady can’t perform quite as properly, and in some issues better than a man or a youth, at all times offering that the girl is pretty and broadly educated and is animated with an active devotion in her work, and she needs to be equally paid for her work as are the males. Whenever an opening happens in our libraries, I ought to advocate the engagement of ladies as assistants.”
“The standard we most admire is their uniform courtesy and attention, one which male assistants often lack.”
“I believe the service of ladies in a free library assists in raising the tone and enhancing the manners of the frequenters of the Institution. In most of the trendy Free Libraries the shelving is so arranged that tshirts for new dads the books are all inside the attain of the hand, in order that the objection of mounting ladders may now be stated to be removed.”
One actual problem in employing girls on this as is many different trades is to be discovered in the reply of 1 librarian, and we quote it, for it’s one which solely girls themselves can take away by greater thoroughness in preparation and steadiness in work.
“One in all the nice difficulties . . . . is the lack of permanency. As a rule when a young man takes to library work, and as time passes on, he thinks of a house of his personal, he is stimulated to contemporary endeavours to make his services extra valuable. However with women the chance or even risk that her place is barely short-term and that she’s going to soon go away it for house life does greater than anything else to keep her worth down. I’m bold to say that neither man nor lady can do one of the best work except when it’s felt to be the life work; this lack of permanency within the plans of girls is more critical than one likes to own.”
As we have already observed, there may be many different cases that have not come below our knowledge of women who’re engaged on this work; however sufficient has been stated to point out that it very small proportion, as yet, of girls have entered on this helpful and suitable calling, which does not require any great diploma of bodily power, however through which order, punctuality, tact and obligingness are pre-eminently needed and by which breadth of culture and literary tastes would make the work delightful and invigorating.

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