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Women's Owl02 Printed Long Sleeve Tee ShirtPlease do read the previous part before continuing with the story.
Deciphering Him – Episode 1

Disclaimer – This story might be too gruesome for the faint-hearted. Please do read it at your own risk. The horrific graphic details might make you puke your lunch out and maybe your breakfast too.
And thus, you have been direly warned.

7 10 am, Sunday Morning.

What have I done?
This thought ran through my head like an energetic lightning bolt, as soon as I pulled the trigger at the seemingly innocent female.

What has happened to me? What am I doing here?
This is not me. This is not the Jack Black that I know of. I was a different human being. I was a very different man. 36 hours ago, you would not even recognize me. I was not this monster that I have become. I was not a cold blooded murderer. I was not a psycho.

Where did I get this pistol from?
I was sitting in my room, playing chess with my computer, alone, in the dark. How did I get here? What is happening to me?

All these thoughts struggled to find dominant space in my mind trying to replace each other, as the gun-shot echoed in the park.

And the sound was indeed loud, one of the loudest I had heard in a while. Thankfully, no one else was in that deserted park. People have become too lazy I guess that they don’t even take an early morning walk these days. Except…. Except for this stupid female.

I was still in a state of shock.

I ran towards her to check if she was still alive. Huh, how disappointingly naive was I. I had taken a perfect head-shot and she was just lying down there, drenched in her own pool of blood. Her head had blasted, blood splattered over 10 yards away, and some pink goo showed up where her head used to be.

Is that her brain? Did her brain blow-up into tiny pieces all over the place? Oh lord, I am a monster.

I bent down to smell the blood, and my senses felt a tinge of her beautiful yet strong perfume, filling my nostrils. I wanted to kiss her now, even though she was covered in blood without a head.

I felt like tasting her blood, her sweet red perfume-smelling blood. Oh God, what is happening to me? Am I turning into a vampire? Why would anyone want to taste blood of a corpse?

Then, I tried to pick her gooey piece of pink brain. It was funny, thinking about the soft texture of the brain, it felt like strawberry jelly to me.

Well, does it taste the same too? Who knows? Let’s give it a try!

And then, our eyes met.

He was about 3 feet tall, brownish hair, with black eyes. He was wearing a tiny yellow T-shirt with contrasting blue pants. Maybe he was just 7 years old, and his eyes were wide with shock seeing me, trying to taste the dead headless female.

He was still in a state of trauma. He stared at me as if he saw a monster. Well, maybe I was one. He could not believe his eyes. I think he did not understand what I was trying to do. I don’t think he understood the concept of a cold-blooded murder.

What should I do? I need to think faster. Should I kill this child too? Should I twist his tiny head till he dies, and then bury both the female and the kid in this park?

Oh God! What is wrong with me? Why am I thinking such horrible thoughts? What has happened in the past 36 hours? Who has done what to me? I did not remember anything.

I just wanted to go back to my room, back to Friday night, when I was happily sitting at home playing my game of chess. I wanted my normal life back. But for now, I had a job to finish. Tough one, but it’s seemingly inevitable.

And then, he shrieked. He shrieked so loudly that the previous gun-shot sound was just a grumble in comparison.

He came back to his senses, and realized what was going on I guess, because he did not stop giving that high-pitched shrill. I hated it. I wanted it to stop. I wanted him to stop shouting. I wanted him to just shut up. I wanted to make him shut up!

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