Theres Greater than Zombies Vs. Robots In Age Of Ultron Vs. Marvel Zombies #2

Take two of Marvel’s hottest crossover occasions of latest years and toss them together into one ebook. Combine ’em up and see what occurs. If the tip outcome just occurs to be a tribute to IDW’s classic Zombies vs. Robots then that is all the higher. Put skills like James Robinson and Steve Pugh on the book and also you can’t go wrong. It is an incredible idea.

The robots in this story are, after all, Ultron and his military. Comicbook robots don’t get a lot better than that.

And the zombies? The zombies are a whole cast of Marvel villains: Magneto, Electro and Sabretooth, simply to name a couple of.

I knew after i heard the premise for this book that I was going to like it. I knew that it was going to be fun. Robots. Zombies. Good, mindless, summertime fun.

Then Marvel, and Robinson and Pugh, did one thing to surprise me.

Much to my delight Robinson and Pugh drop good old Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne into the combination. Not the Hank and Janet from the mainstream Marvel universe, however Hank and Janet from the Outdated West city of Timely and the 12 months 1872.

But Robinson and Pugh weren’t finished but. Not by a protracted shot.

They give us the country of the Deadlands, residence of the zombie hordes. They give us the land of Perfection, Ultron’s robot world with out human flaws. They give us something extra.

They provide us the land of Salvation. They provide us a zombie of another type. They provide us robots of a distinct variety.

Hank Pym, in fact, is the inventor of Ultron. Nicely, not this Hank Pym, but another one. Ultron did his own share of making. He created his personal android servant, a servant that may betray him and go on to develop into my favorite Avenger of all time. He created the Vision.

The Imaginative and prescient did not spring totally formed from his grasp’s thoughts. His android physique was based mostly on that of Marvel’s unique Human Torch, Jim Hammond. His android thoughts was taken from the mind waves of the then deceased Simon Williams, Surprise Man, the identical Wonder Man who could be introduced again from the dead, first to battle the Avengers as a zombie after which to affix their ranks as a superhero in his own proper.

(Think about it. Once we consider the fact that creator Roy Thomas primarily based the character of the Imaginative and prescient on the ’40s superhero of the same name, that the character is linked to the World Struggle II period Human Torch, and that his origin’s are linked to 2 other important Avengers characters, Ultron and Marvel Man, a case can be made that the Vision is Marvel’s ultimate legacy character.)

A lot to my surprise, Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies is about greater than an army of Ultrons battling an military of zombie supervillians, as cool as that sounds by itself. Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies is a better stakes recreation than that. It is about Marvel’s two biggest robots, the Imaginative and prescient and the unique Human Torch, and Marvel’s most compelling zombie, Wonder Man.

After two issues, Robinson remains to be establishing characters and building worlds. When I was anticipating to see just robots vs. zombies, I imagined that the groundwork could be laid shortly and the story would move at a speedy pace: rotting flesh battling A.I. killing machines. As a substitute, it seems to be as if Robinson is taking the time to put a proper basis, which means that after two issues the story still isn’t at full speed. Hopefully, it also implies that there are even higher issues to come back.

Steve Pugh can be excellent here. His zombies are horrifying and decayed; his Ultron military, shiny and menacing; his heroes, fantastic-lined and heroic; his flashbacks, cool and retro.

I do know a terrific thought for a comicbook once i hear one. And this is a good thought.

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