Red Sox Sweat Shirts

Men's I'll Find You Print Long Sleeve Tee ShirtNo self respecting member of Red Sox Nation goes anywhere without being identifiable. The ubiquitous “B” baseball caps which come in every color and style are seen all over the world.

You can’t get on a plane; go to the beach, a hotel, or anywhere that a Red Sox fan is not showing his or her allegiance. Even in the Bronx, home of the hated Yankees, fans are defiant in their love of all things Fenway. When they fly South, they leave Boston in cold weather clothes but make sure that they have a change of team gear when they get to warmer climates.

It is an allegiance that is both complete and consuming. If you are part of this allegiance, don’t be without your Red Sox Sweatshirt. You will thank yourself that you are both warm and protected from a new rise of the Curse of the Bambino.

Why does a team cause such allegiance? The Story is one of triumph over futility. Boston was the team to beat before Babe Ruth left for New York. So when the Bambino left, he took their hopes and dreams with him. Usually, these things go in cycles and the Beantown faithful thought they would be on top again.

Crazy things happened along the way and when they made it to the World Series, they always lost in game Seven. Karma, or whatever you want to call it, was not on their sides. Such was the fate of the Red Sox faithful. 86 years rolled by. You kept your chin up, wearing the beloved hats, the T-Shirts, and the Red Sox sweatshirt.

Along the way there was much to love. The players had names like Pesky and DiMaggio (Dom of Course), Fisk and Yastrzemski, and the splendid Splinter himself, Ted Williams.

Red Sox fans knew their baseball and they knew they would get their revenge. And they would do it in a quirky little park called Fenway with its odd dimensions and its Big Green Monster in Left Field. David Ortiz arrived, Curt Schilling knew he had a job to do; Manny Ramirez was as clutch as he was crazy. Things would be different this time. And they were. And a funny thing happened along the way: Red Sox fans dispersed across the nation and around the world. They all wanted to let everybody, particularly those hated Yankees fans that they were number one.

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