NASCAR Fans In Backlash Against ‘Monster Energy Girls’

NASCAR fans have complained about the scantily-clad Monster Energy Girls on show at the start of the racing season.

Fans took exception to the revealing outfits worn by the models for the Daytona 500’s new sponsor.

Women's Custom Color Me Octopus Black Short Sleeve  Tops TeesThey claimed the tight leather tops made them feel ‘uncomfortable’ and were ‘inappropriate’ for family viewing.

Fans took exception to the revealing outfits worn by the Monster Energy girls

NASCAR fans claimed the girls were dressed inappropriately and needed to wear more clothes

One observer on Twitter said: ‘NASCAR and Monster Energy need to rethink those uniforms for the girls if they don’t want naughty jokes.’

Lynn Smith said: ‘Wow! Sprint Cup girls were replaced with Monster Energy hookers! Really? NASCAR, the purpose of these girls is unnecessary, always has been!’


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Another said: ‘Pretty girls and racing go together, no argument. However Monster drink I think this is too much. NASCAR is a family show!’

Nicole B wrote: ‘Those Monster Energy girls make me uncomfortable.’

Neil Weston Earley, from Tennessee, commented: ‘Those new Monster Energy girls need a few more clothes on in pit lane!’

The complaints came despite Mitch Covington, vice president of Monster Energy sports marketing, insisting it would take a low-key approach to begin with.

He said the company wanted to avoid going ‘over the top and over-brand’ the series.

He told SB Nation: ‘We want to go into the season and learn as we go.

‘And I think you’ll see our presence build somewhat as the races go. Some races we’ll have more presence than others. We really just want to build it out first, [rather] than go all-in for the first weekend and the Clash.

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