My Reread Of A Song Of Ice And Fire; Chapter By Chapter

Jon is walking around with Ghost on the mountain their cave is on, as the scaling party of ~120 is getting close to the Wall.
– The night sky is perfectly clear, and dozens of constellations are visible.

Women's Prestige - Inverted Custom Long Sleeve Tee ShirtAnd when the Thief was in the Moonmaid, that was a propitious time for a man to steal a woman, Ygritte insisted.

淟ike the night you stole me. The Thief was bright that night. /h2>

never meant to steal you, he said. never knew you were a girl until my knife was at your throat. /p>

^ This is important because it will repeat in Dance Jon will teal Val when the Thief is in the Moonmaid yet again.

o you have names for them as well? Jon asked, as he went to one knee beside the direwolf and scratched the thick white fur on his neck. he Hare? The Doe? The She-Wolf? /p>

^ Hahahaha now that is funny love Jon playful humor, even when it just him and Ghost.

Great imagination and if the Wildlings have different names for every constellation that the Westerosi, why not wolves as well?

  • Jon sends Ghost goes back to Castle Black tells him to get lost and find his way to the Wall, to alert the Watch no way the wolf can keep going south and scale the Wall with them.
  • Jon then thinks about his love-making with Ygritte as he walks back to the cave at first he didn’s think he’ like it, but once Ygritte was pressed up against him, and he was inside of her, it was the sweetest thing in the world, going at it for hours underneath their pile of thick cloaks and blankets.

Ygritte had gone to sleep beside him with her head against his chest, and that was sweet as well, dangerously sweet.

^ Yeah a cute girl resting her head against your chest while you’e laying in blissful silence is the reason anything exists to begin with so much sweeter than sex itself.

Jon Is Back Inside The Cave

  • Jon summoned to the Magnar Jarl has split the command duties, much to the Thenn dismay the privileges of being the King quasi brother-in-law.
  • The Magnar brought 100 men, Jarl 20 however Jarl had already scaled the Wall more than a dozen times, and was not yet twenty his knowledge and skill will be invaluable.
  • Since they are close to the Wall, he wants Jon to fill him in on how the patrols work:

here are four men in each patrol, two rangers and two builders, he said. he builders are supposed to make note of cracks, melting, and other structural problems, while the rangers look for signs of foes. They ride mules. /p>

ules? The earless man frowned. ules are slow. /h2>

low, but more surefooted on the ice. The patrols often ride atop the Wall, and aside from Castle Black, the paths up there have not been graveled for long years. The mules are bred at Eastwatch, and specially trained to their duty. /p>

hey often ride atop the Wall? Not always? /h2>

o. One patrol in four follows the base instead, to search for cracks in the foundation ice or signs of tunneling. /p>

^ There is a famous legend of one wildling digging a tunnel through the Wall halfway, then was buried inside the Wall when the Watch sealed up the entrance, to freeze and starve to death in utter darkness.

hen do these patrols go out? How often? /h2>

Jon shrugged. t changes. I e heard that Lord Commander Qorgyle used to send them out every third day from Castle Black to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, and every second day from Castle Black to the Shadow Tower. The Watch had more men in his day, though. Lord Commander Mormont prefers to vary the number of patrols and the days of their departure, to make it more difficult for anyone to know their comings and goings. And sometimes the Old Bear will even send a larger force to one of the abandoned castles for a fortnight or a moon turn. /p>

His uncle had originated that tactic, Jon knew. Anything to make the enemy unsure.

^ Not an unwise procedure. Nothing else to fucking do might as well party it up at the Nightfort.

s Stonedoor manned at present? asked Jarl. 淕reyguard? /h2>

So we’e between those two, are we? Jon kept his face carefully blank.

nly Eastwatch, Castle Black, and the Shadow Tower were manned when I left the Wall. I can’s speak to what Bowen Marsh or Ser Denys might have done since. /p>

ow many crows remain within the castles? asked Styr.

ive hundred at Castle Black. Two hundred at Shadow Tower, perhaps three hundred at Eastwatch. Jon added three hundred men to the count. If only it were that easy… Jarl was not fooled, however.

e lying, he told Styr. r else including those they lost on the Fist. /h2>

^ Damn they have such a close eye on the Watch they can tell the difference between 700 and 1,000 /p>

Only 700 left for the entire Wall depressing stuff.

row, the Magnar warned, o not take me for Mance Rayder. If you lie to me, I will have your tongue. /p>

no crow, and won’s be called a liar. Jon flexed the fingers of his sword hand.

The Magnar of Therm studied Jon with his chilly grey eyes. e shall learn their numbers soon enough, he said after a moment. 淕o. I will send for you if I have further questions. /p>

^ Worse comes to worst, Jon can just say he was adding in the men who went on the Great Ranging, which was 300.

Jon has the balls to tell the Magnar not to call him a liar Prince That Was Promised, bitch.

  • Jon thinks about how the Thenns are most like Westerosi, out of all the wildling clans they have the closest thing to a ord in fact, the Magnar is more like a deity to them and have a pretty organized society, all the way up north of the Frostfangs, the northernmost society on Planetos (for humans).
  • This will set up the marriage of Alys Karstark as she marries the Magnar in Dance being a lord won’s be much different for him.

Jon Searches The Cave

  • Beyond the main chamber where everyone is seated around fires, Jon walks down the narrower path he realized Ygritte had abandoned her stuff.
  • Not being able to find her, he starts to call out.

n here, her voice came back, echoing faintly.

Jon had to crawl a dozen paces before the cave opened up around him. When he stood again, it took his eyes a moment to adjust. Ygritte had brought a torch, but there was no other light. She stood beside a little waterfall that fell from a cleft in the rock down into a wide dark pool. The orange and yellow flames shone against the pale green water.

^ It like a little Skyrim-esque crevice, tucked away from the world.

Beautiful spot for a small waterfall 🙂

hat are you doing here? he asked her.

heard water. I wanted t ee how deep the cave went. She pointed with the torch. here a passage goes down further. I followed it a hundred paces before I turned back. /p>

A dead end? /h2>

ou know nothing, Jon Snow. It went on and on and on. There are hundreds o caves in these hills, and down deep they all connect. There even a way under your Wall. Gorne Way. /p>

^ 100 paces is pretty far the Children of the Forest have connected all the caves on purpose but they are deep, deep within them.

Gorne Way was discussed a dozen times during the World History write ups no need to repeat it all again.

– Ygritte notches up the intensity:

here naught to eat in the dark but flesh, she whispered, biting at his neck.

Jon nuzzled her hair and filled his nose with the smell of her.

^ Nothing makes the mind at ease quite like the fresh scent of a woman 🙂

ou sound like Old Nan, telling Bran a monster story. /h2>

Ygritte punched his shoulder. n old woman, am I? /p>

ou’e older than me. /h2>

ye, and wiser. You know nothing, Jon Snow. /p>

^ Hahaha, hilarious is she wiser? Probably just wants a simple life living in nature. It the rest of humanity that live like morons, locked up in stone towers and burning their fields all the time.

Jon got a nice memory of home, at least.

She pushed away from him, and shrugged out of her rabbit-skin vest.

hat are you doing? /h2>

howing you how old I am. /p>

She unlaced her doeskin shirt, tossed it aside, pulled her three woolen undershirts up over her head all at once.

^ Jesus, I am freezing just thinking about it could have kept those warm layers on and fucked each other brains out.

e shouldn’s – /h2>

e should. /p>

Her breasts bounced as she stood on one leg to pull one boot, then hopped onto her other foot to attend to the other. Her nipples were wide pink circles.

ou as well, Ygritte said as she yanked down her sheepskin breeches. f you want to look you have to show. You know nothing, Jon Snow. /p>

^ Hehehe as if he had a choice she got naked in front of him all on her own free-will.

He had been in her half a hundred times by now, but always beneath the furs, with others all around them. He had never seen how beautiful she was. Her legs were skinny but well muscled, the hair at the juncture of her thighs a brighter red than that on her head. Does that make it even luckier?

He pulled her close.

love the smell of you, he said. love your red hair. I love your mouth, and the way you kiss me. I love your smile. I love your teats. /p>

He kissed them, one and then the other.

love your skinny legs, and what between them. /p>

He knelt to kiss her there, lightly on her mound at first, but Ygritte moved her legs apart a little, and he saw the pink inside and kissed that as well, and tasted her. She gave a little gasp.

^ Damn, it gonna be so heartbreaking when she finds out he was using her this whole time.

Though Jon is sort of falling in love he just has the ability to snap out of it later on and do his duty to the Watch and the Realm.

f you love me all so much, why are you still dressed? she whispered. ou know nothing, Jon Snow. Noth – oh. Oh. OHHH. /p>

Afterward, she was almost shy, or as shy as Ygritte ever got.

hat thing you did, she said, when they lay together on their piled clothes. ith your… mouth. She hesitated. s that… is it what lords do to their ladies, down in the south? /p>

don’s think so. /h2>

No one had ever told Jon just what lords did with their ladies.

^ Hahaha the wildlings aren’s big on oral sex, I suppose? Probably a bit to cold, and too dirty an environment best to just bump uglies.

I love how Jon has never learned or saw how to that before it was purely instinctual it hard to argue that every animal is not born with the knowledge on how to have sex already ingrained in them.

only… wanted to kiss you there, that all. You seemed to like it. /h2>

ye. I… I liked it some. No one taught you such? /p>

here been no one, he confessed. nly you. /h2>

maid, she teased. ou were a maid. /p>

He gave her closest nipple a playful pinch.

was a man of the Night Watch. /p>

Was, he heard himself say. What was he now? He did not want to look at that.

^ Shake it off, Snow shake it off. You still are, just caught up in the moment, is all.

You 渋nfiltrated the enemy and can go home now.

ere you a maid? /p>

Ygritte pushed herself onto an elbow. am nineteen, and a spearwife, and kissed by fire. How could I be maiden? /p>

^ Hahaha there is a pride in being desired by many men, with these wildlings to be that old, a warrior woman, and have red hair it would embarrassing to be a maid.

ho was he? /h2>

boy at a feast, five years past. He’ come trading with his brothers, and he had hair like mine, kissed by fire, so I thought he would be lucky. But he was weak. When he came back t try and steal me, Longspear broke his arm and ran him off, and he never tried again, not once. /p>

^ No pretense with these people, no political correctness if you are a weak ass man, you get no pussy simple as that.

t wasn’s Longspear, then? Jon was relieved. He liked Longspear, with his homely face and friendly ways.

She punched him. hat vile. Would you bed your sister? /h2>

淟ongspear not your brother. /p>

e of my village. You know nothing, Jon Snow. A true man steals a woman from afar, t strengthen the clan. Women who bed brothers or fathers or clan kin offend the gods, and are cursed with weak and sickly children. Even monsters. /p>

^ The funny thing is how these avages are the complete opposite of the Targaryens, who were literally the highest family on the entire continent yet the savages did things right, while the royal family created monster after monster, stillbirth after stillbirth.

Nature always rewards genetic novelty the wildlings don’s even allow breeding with the same village, which is a bit absurd, but it ensures biological fitness.

Cute how she thought bedding Longspear was disgusting.

raster weds his daughters, Jon pointed out.

She punched him again. raster more your kind than ours. His father was a crow who stole a woman out of Whitetree village, but after he had her he flew back t his Wall. She went t Castle Black once t show the crow his son, but the brothers blew their horns and run her off. Craster blood is black, and he bears a heavy curse. /p>

^ Curse to hand over all his sons to the White Walkers and fucking your granddaughter, getting her pregnant that is a curse of sorts, all on its own.

ould you… She hesitated.

hat? he prompted, as the torch began to gutter.

o it again? Ygritte blurted. ith your mouth? The lord kiss? And I… I could see if you liked it any. /p>

^ Hahaha, she called it he lord kiss classic.

Jon going to get his first blowjob not sure how that would feel, inside of a cave oral sex is really fucking gross, when you think about it.

By the time the torch burned out, Jon Snow no longer cared. His guilt came back afterward, but weaker than before. If this is so wrong, he wondered, why did the gods make it feel so good?

^ Because the Gods are having a grand old time it human culture that has fucked up such a grand and beautiful gift called life, adventure, and exploration.

The grotto was pitch-dark by the time they finished. The only light was the dim glow of the passage back up to the larger cavern, where a score of fires burned.

They were soon fumbling and bumping into each other as they tried to dress in the dark. Ygritte stumbled into the pool and screeched at the cold of the water. When Jon laughed, she pulled him in too. They wrestled and splashed in the dark, and then she was in his arms again, and it turned out they were not finished after all.

淛on Snow, she told him, when he’ spent his seed inside her, on’s move now, sweet. I like the feel of you in there, I do. Let not go back t Styr and Jarl. Let go down inside, and join up with Gendel children. I don’s ever want t leave this cave, Jon Snow. Not ever. /p>

^ Seriously, should have stayed in the cave and lived out your own legend call Ghost back through a dream, and he can fetch dinner every single night, while you just fuck your life away in the cave and explore the hills finding the mythical descendants of Gendel, or even the Children of the Forest, absorbed in your own wonder and hanging out with them.

Society is a real cunt, and anyone who says different is a brainwashed liar.

Interesting Jon blew his load inside her he might now father a bastard, which is rule #1 for his code. This really shows how lost he is at this point fully entranced by love and sex and the glory of women with cute leg muscles and fire-red hair.

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