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The Couples Are:

Men's King of Sting Print Long Sleeve T-ShirtAdam and Brittany

CT and Diem

Dustin and Jessica

Jay and Jenna

John “JJ” and Simone

Johnny and Averey

Johnny “Bananas” and Nany

Jordan and Sarah

Knight and Jemmye

Leroy and Nia

Thomas and Hailey

Wes and Theresa

Zach and Jonna

You see a picture and a brief bio of each contestant at MTV Challenge Free Agents Cast

What Will CT Do This Time?
Photo Credit: Chris ‘C.T.’ Tamburello Pictures

One of my favorite players is CT. You just never know what he is going to do. Is he going to be sweet and charming like when he and Diem first met? Will he completely lose his mind and get into another fight and get kicked off the show again? The one thing you do know is if he stays he will be a monster in the challenges.

MTV The Challenge – Merchandise By The Contestants

Cara Maria has her own shop on Etsy where you can purchase some art made by Cara Maria herself Original Art by MTV’s Cara Maria

If you want to show your support for Johnny, then Suck Yeah has the Johnny Bananas Bobble Head that has appeared on the show. They also have the real Johnny Bananas T-shirts available for both men and women.

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In case you missed an episode there is a link to the latest episode below. You can also get a sneak peek at the next episode.

Sneak Peek of the next Episode

Episode 7 of The Challenge Free Agents

Episode One Of Free Agents

We see the contestants arriving in Uruguay South America. When they arrive at the arena TJ that this season it will be an individual competition with one guy and one girl winner, but there is a twist. On the day of each challenge you will find out if you are going to be competing as a team, a pair, or as an individual. The winners of the challenge will then chose one girl and one guy to go into the elimination round. Then everyone else who lost will take part in “the draw”. Where 2 players are selected by pure chance to face off against the 2 nominated players.

The first competition they are split into 2 teams of 14. For the first leg, they have 6 people from each team chained together racing up the stairs of a 42 story building. When they reach the top the pass a key to unlock a puzzles that 4 people will try to solve. When they do they can use the key to unlock their last 4 teammates. They will have to walk off the edge of a building, then cross a rolling log, picking up a flag in the middle, and ring a bell when they get to the end.

LaToya was struggling going up the stairs and when she reached the top she hit her head on the door frame. She gets taken away by ambulance to get checked out. The red team lost the lead on the puzzle and then only Camila was able to make it to the otherside to ring the bell for them.

While Jessica struggled due to her fear of heights she made it. Cohutta was also able to make it which earned the black team the win. They then chose to vote Chet return false;” />See results The Challenge: Free Agents on Facebook and Twitter

MTV Free Agents on Twitter

MTV The Challenge on Facebook

Last Seasons Coverage

Below is the coverage of last season Rivals II.

Game Highlights for Episode 1

The contestants arrive and find out who their partners are for Rivals 2. The men will play against the men, the women against the women. While both the men and women will both compete in every competition it will alternate between them for when it is a challenge day.

This week episode it was a challenge day for the men. The team that wins is safe from the jungle. The team that comes in last place automatically goes into the jungle (elimination challenge). For the women the team that wins will chose the order for the next competition plus $1000.

Paula and Emily win the first competition for the women. Zack and Trey win the first challenge for the men. Dunbar and Tyrie finish in last place and are automatically sent into the jungle. They hold a vote, Robb and Derek were voted to go into the jungle.

Naomi gets a call from home that her father had a heart failure. She decides to go home. When they all arrive at the Jungle, Cooke is told that she gets to stay. Her new partner will show up at the next challenge. Cooke is an athlete so if she gets a good partner the new team could be a huge threat.

Dunbar and Tyrie lose in the jungle and are the first team eliminated from the game.

Rivals Episode 2

When they are arrive at the challenge we found out Cooke’s new partner is Cara Maria. This is a huge upgrade from Naomi. With this change I think these two could become a huge threat to win the whole thing.

The men compete first for a chance to win $1000 and the chance to pick the order for the next competition. Wes and CT do not compete as Wes chooses not to participate at all. Knight and Preston won the first round, but then Preston refuses to participate in the next part of the challenge.

Zach and Trey finish first, winning the $1000. TJ (the host) announces that Wes width:520px;height:250px” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-5662311859244862″ data-ad-host=”pub-6958755572607374″> Related
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sendingMamabyrd 4 years ago

I’m a addicted to this show and I’ve watched a lot of the Real World episodes so I almost feel like I know them. Oh and I think CT is oh so sexy!

DebW07 4 years ago

Interesting, I’ve never heard of this show. Sounds a bit like the show Survivor but on steroids.

I guess they can slap and kick each other now? She should have been kicked off. Oh well more embarrassing to let her play in the jungle!

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