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Urgent need to recommend and book collections, hoping to lower potential energy clicking collections, to the point recommended!004 Chapter Dragon [seeking elected! Favorite! ] At home, Yexiang silence back to his room, looking back to the parent’s son leaves his face is not gloomy, beware asked: “Xiang children, how the central square test today is not going to go back now it how the test is over, how to score, the island main fancy you do not. ” Ye-Xiang did not speak, he did not want to mention this thing, this thing deeply hurt his heart, watching brothers were playing a slap vomiting blood, while they are powerless, so watching. Think before Wu Haoran help yourself, Yexiang heart is felt the sting. See Yexiang parent leaves no answer, anxious and said: “Is it anything about the situation, and to his father talk about, to see what can help you busy.” “Nothing, father, you are busy you go, I own a quiet person.” Then, Yexiang walked into his room, the door shut up. Looked at his face unusual Yexiang, leaves parent worried walked out, he was going to ask in the end found something, or he is difficult to be assured that Yexiang mother died early, after she died giving birth to Yexiang , now Yexiang such a son,

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how can he be assured under. Ye father came to the central square, just saw the departure of Wei Yan pass, quickly turning his head in the past, their fear of being discovered. Wei Yan back to pass, but powerful star patterns in the perception still found him, Wei Yan Tong looked toward the direction of the leaf parent, can only see a vague silhouette, but give him the feeling is so familiar. “This man is how so familiar, like where are seen stumped me vertigo Which the sea on the island as well as I can know who ” Wei Yan Tong Ye father looked away, said something to himself , but leaves the parent has disappeared, it took the ship back to sea, the island went. Watching the departure of Wei Yan Tong, Ye Father underground passage: “Fortunately found fast, or were found on a major event, but just look through WeiYan to me, is not what he saw of it, or put things back after finishing. it, or what the true features leaked on the bad. ” With fear, leaves a parent ask something, they learned. Yexiang angry wounded Wu Haoran Wei Yan Tong, has been ridiculed just behind serpentinite, hurt their self-esteem. When the father heard Yexiang leaf is serpentine, and no sad mood or something, but did not say a word shocked, they quickly bolted away toward home. Serpentine! Could my family to rise yet If that is true, then the shame of the year will also be

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washed. People looked around the strange leaf Father, we are all somehow, just ask them, that his son is serpentine, which has been on the excitement of the unknown, and difficult to serpentine pattern is a powerful soul But Wei island main island of the sea, are said serpentine but acknowledged the continent garbage ah, but leaves the parent why so excited about it People are do not understand, simply do not think they leaves home to be crazy, crazy go, but also excited to serpentine like this, really unheard ah. Leaves and running all the way back to the Father, the way people are feeling strange to see, you want to ask, are the leaves father smiled and over. At home, the excitement came Yexiang parent leaves the room door and shouted:. “Xiang children, Open the door, my father have something important to ask you.” In the room Yexiang heard his father cried, very strange, opened the door and asked: ” Father, nothing, very important.” “Your soul is not a serpentine pattern ” Watched his father excited look, Yexiang very puzzled, what excited

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serpentinite, this is the soul of the continent’s most garbage pattern, the father also excited as this child, it is difficult to go out anything about the situation of the trip “How, difficult to serpentinite very powerful See you excited look.” Yexiang very puzzled way. “You just said it is not serpentine, others are unnecessary to say, this is related to the shame of our family, as long as you are a snake, it would all be easier.” Father excited pressed leaves road. “I really snakes, snake very powerful hard to do But listen to other people say snakes, but the soul of the continent’s most garbage pattern, father, you are not sick How changing so much today, but also the family shame, We are a family, I do not know what. “Yexiang very puzzled, from small to large, the first time he heard his father talking about they have a family, but also related to the family shame. Father leaves today to say, the Yexiang get is foggy. “Leaving aside these, you come with me.” Then, one pulled Yexiang, go out into his room to go. Parent leaves the room came, Yexiang also left casual look in the end my father to do today, things have more than enough, and now his father again so a play, in the end to do. Father leaves in a box inside the room rummaging for something, and soon leaves the parent to come up with a strange beads, came around Yexiang, facing Yexiang said: “Xiang children, this is called the Pearl, is my family town family treasure, and now you put the power injected into the soul of grain, look at your dragon

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essence of what in the end reached the point, holding, refined gas injected into the dragon, look in the end will be the extent, as long as there appears Pearl eight weeks or more, then your essence is authentic Dragon Dragon! if only star above, is the not the Kau pattern, did not meet the five-star, then you’re just a snake. quickly injected into the refined gas, see if you can to what extent. “Father leaves for Yexiang explanation finished, anxious said. “Father, what is this dragon essence Dragon I do not know what the essence is that you called me inject dragon essence, this is not difficult for me please.” Yexiang touched the head and said, with a questioning look at his father. “Dragon is the essence of your soul power lines, quickly injected, do not mop mother.” Ye urged to parent. Listen to the words of his father, the essence is the soul of the dragon power lines, Yexiang did not hesitate to direct toward Pearl poured a lot of soul power lines, just for a moment, there have been a Pearl inside sparkling little stars, this star small, but the light emitted is extremely bright. Yexiang looked at changes in Pearl, once again increasing the delivery speed. Soon, Pearl which is the emergence of a star. After a quarter of an hour, Yexiang eyes closed slightly weak, but he found them already have six Dragonball little stars, just thinking about his father’s words, as long as the above is to reach five Jiao pattern. Kau has a dragon’s blood, so powerful, has a pattern of lines Kau

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