How To Make A Recycle Poster And Recycling Activities For Kids

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How to Make a Recycle Poster and Recycling Activities for Kids
Updated on November 17, 2014 WriterJanis2 moreContact Author Recycling Poster
Make a recycle poster to help teach kids how and what to recycle. A recycling poster is a fun class, Sunday school or family project.

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There are many common household items that can be reused instead of thrown away. Kids can get creative learning about recycling while having fun at the same time.

They can also learn about lots of fun craft projects that can be made by recycling items from the home. Afterwards, they’ll have a proud piece of art to display depicting the many ways people can recycle.

Green recycling bin image by Mattes at Wikimedia Commons.

Recycling for Children
Start by asking kids in advance to bring something from home to be recycled. These items will become the main focus of the recycle board.

All you need is a good size poster board and some glue to get started. Depending on the age of the kids, you might consider washable glue or glue sticks.

Now, most people are aware that cans and bottles can be recycled. However, there is so much more. Below are numerous items that kids can bring in for the poster which can be recycled.

Some of them have fun craft suggestions as well. Crafts are a great hands-on activity to show recycling in action. When the kids bring their items in, ask them to suggest ways their items can be reused.

Recycle arrows image courtesy of WPClipart.

Recycle Newspapers
There are lots of great things that can be done with newspapers. If you don’t have a place that will recycle them, try reusing them.

For example, newspapers can make for great wrapping paper. You can use the sports section for men, the beauty section for women and the comics for kids.

Another idea is to reuse newspaper for packing. Instead of using plastic bubble wrap, use old newspaper to cushion items when packing.

You can also make a cool paper mache craft with them. Instructions are below.

Newspaper stand image by curlsdiva at morgueFile.

Paper Mache Craft

Newspaper Paper Mache Craft
Make a paper mache craft using old newspapers. This can be a fun group project.
Recycle Toilet Paper Rolls
There are plenty of fun crafts kids can make by recycling toilet paper rolls. Fill an empty roll with dried beans, cover up the ends and decorate for a fun music shaker.

Paint an empty toilet roll container black and now you have a pretend spy scope. Glue two of the together and decorate to make binoculars.

Below are more suggestions for fun crafts with empty toilet paper rolls.

Toilet paper roll image by alvimann at morgueFile.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts – Easy Crafts for Kids
Take a look at these fun crafts. Kids will really love them and it’s a good way to recycle toilet paper rolls.

Turkey Fan
Make a colorful turkey with a toilet paper roll.

Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly Craft
Instructions to make a beautiful, smiling butterfly.

Toilet Paper Roll Pinata Craft
Make a pinata using four empty toilet paper rolls.
Recycle Milk Cartons
Here’s a way to recycle two items at once. Take an empty milk container and cut off the top half. For the bottom half, cover it with old fabric, magazine pages or used greeting cards. You now have a new pencil box made of recycled materials.

Create an indoor planter with an empty milk carton. Cut off one side of the carton. Glue the opened part of the container closed. Add some dirt, plant some seeds and you will now have an indoor garden.

Below is a milk carton container craft for older kids.

Milk carton photo by Guroadrunner at morgueFile.

Milk Carton Candle

Milk Carton Candle
Create a beautiful candle using an empty milk carton for a mold.
Recycle Buttons
No need to throw old buttons away. You can gather them up and string them together to create a fun button necklace.

Most kids love to make paper lunch bag puppets. Use buttons to create the eyes, nose and mouth of the puppet. Add some old yarn or material to create the hair.

Below is a cool button craft that uses buttons to make a bracelet.

Buttons picture by ronnieb at morgueFile.

Button Craft Bracelet

Make a Button Bracelet
Use old buttons to make an easy bracelet.
Craft Poll
Do you ever use recycles items to make crafts?


A few times.

I haven’t, but I will now.

Not really interested.
See results Recycle Glass Jars
There are many ways to reuse glass jars. After they was have washed and dried, you can use one to hold coins. It’s a great way to save up come money.

Take different colored beans and created a piece of art by layering different colors. Cut an old piece of fabric and using a rubber band, attach the material to the lid to make it decorative.

Want to make a pretty gift? Fill a jar with potpourri and once again, decorate the lid with a pretty piece of old fabric.

Now, a jar itself would probably be too heavy to place on a poster board. If a student wants to represent recycling a jar, have the student cut out a picture of a jar from an old newspaper or magazine.

Glass jar image courtesy of mconnors at morgueFile.

Recycling Bin
Encourage kids to recycle by keeping a recycling bin around. Merely place it next to the regular trash can that is being used and put a picture of items they can recycle on the bin.

United Solutions EcoSense WB0069 Blue Plastic 41 Quart Recycling Indoor Wastebastket-10.25 Gallon EcoSense Blue Recycling Trash/Refuse Can in BlueWhat I really appreciate about this bin is that it’s made from 75% recycled materials.

Buy Now Recycled Pillows
If you have some old clothes that are too tattered to donate to charity, but part of the items of clothing are good, cut out some pieces and sew them together to make a nice pillow.

This idea is more for older kids who could use a needle and thread to hand sew the pillow. (Saves energy by not using a sewing machine.)

Recycled pillows image by jdurham at morgueFile.

Many people don’t know that batteries can be recycled.

Cardboard Box Crafts
Here’s a fun project for smaller kids. Take a very large cardboard box and cut off the top flaps. Turn the box upside down and cut a door for an opening and a couple of windows.

Let kids paint the box and when the paint dries, children can take turns in their new special cardboard room reading or looking at picture books about recycling.

If a child wants to use cardboard to place on the recycle board, then either have the child bring in a small box or cut out a piece of a box to place on the board.

Cardboard box image by HarrisonB at Wikimedia Commons.

Recycling Cards
Sure, it’s fun to get cards, but most people end up throwing them away. Turn old cards into fun craft projects.

For example, create a jigsaw puzzle out of an old greeting card. Cut off the printed side of the card and glue it onto a piece of cardboard. When dry, cut up the card into puzzle pieces to create a colorful jigsaw puzzle.

Make a picture frame. Use a piece of cardboard and cut it the size you want the frame to be. Cut old greeting cards and make a border around the outside of the cardboard. Next, glue a picture of a child to the inside of the frame and you now have a wonderful new recycled picture frame.

Check out the bookmark craft below.

Cute cat card image by at Wikimedia Commons.

Greeting Card Craft

How to Make a Bookmark
Make a cool magnetic bookmark from an old greeting card.
Recycle Poster
The above are just a handful of ideas of items that can be recycled along with some fun craft ideas. Brainstorm with the kids to come up with additional items that can be recycled.

Once the kids have brought in their items for the recycle board, let each child use their item creatively. For example, if a child brings in some buttons, let the child glue the buttons on the board in such a way to make a picture.

If a child brings in an old greeting card, let the child cut the card into a pretty shape. A plastic water bottle can be painted and decorated first before being attached.

Once all items have been glued to the board, have kids come up with a title for the board. Use recycled paper or an old greeting card to cut out the letters of the title of the poster and glue them on. You now have a successful recycling board to help kids learn about recycling!

Earth clipart image is courtesy of WPClipart.

Recycling Coloring Pages
I personally believe that coloring pages can make for a valuable learning tool. Below is a link that will take you to some recycling coloring pages.

Although it’s title reflects Earth Day, these coloring pages and pictures can be used throughout the year to teach the important of recycling and helping save the environment.

Coloring crayons picture by ppdigital at morgueFile.

Earth Day Poll
Do you celebrate Earth Day?

I try to participate somehow every year.

I haven’t before, but will try to now.

What’s Earth Day?
See results It never hurts to have some good recycling books on hand. As you will see, the ones I’m recommending are very reasonably priced.

Recycling Books
It’s good to have some recycling books on hand. Check these out.

Recycle!: A Handbook for KidsThis book is very helpful in teaching the basics of recycling. It’s geared towards second, third and fourth graders.

Buy Now I Can Save the Earth!: One Little Monster Learns to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (Little Green Books)This cute story book follows Max the Little Monster as he learns how to stop his wasteful ways and become more aware of the environment. This book is recommended for kids four and up.

Buy Now Recycle Books
Check out these deals on eBay. You may find a great bargain.

A good DVD is a wonderful way to teach kids about recycling in an entertaining way.

Recycling DVD
All About Garbage margin:0px !important;” /> Charity Lens
This lens is dedicated to the Food for Everyone Foundation. All proceeds from this lens will go to this charity, courtesy of Squidoo. If you can, please help out this worthy cause. Thank you!

Recycling Products
Take a look at these! They’re all on eBay.

Recycling Items on Amazon Search
Why Should I Recycle? (Why Should I? Books) Buy Now More Kids Activities

Free 50 States and Capitals Game for Kids
How to learn the 50 states and capitals with a fun learning game you can make for free. A great way for kids to learn about the USA.
Recycling IssuesIs what we put in our Recycle Bins really being Recycled?
by Ruthbro0

Environment height:75px” class=”thumbphoto”>Environment height:75px” class=”thumbphoto”>Environment height:75px” class=”thumbphoto”>Environment height:75px” class=”thumbphoto”>Environment height:75px” class=”thumbphoto”>Climate Change IssuesClimate Change Exists, And There Is Nothing We Can Do About It
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What are your best recycling tips?
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Important information to pass on to the next generation. I reuse glass jars to store workshop items like nails and screws, and nuts and bolts in.

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Nut containers with plastic lids are great for crayons, and kids like creating their own design on them. We glue construction paper to them and then the kids draw whatever they like on it.

@jc stone: Kids really need to learn the importance of this. I’m glad you feel the same way.

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You can also use unwanted CDs to do your craft. They can be turned into coasters and other decorative materials.

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