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Create A Monogram In Word

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I really like monograms. I believe it’s secure to say I’m pretty much obsessive about horse logo shirt them. Maybe it’s because my last title begins with “L,” and cursive “L’s” are kinda pretty. Possibly it’s as a result of it makes me really feel like I’m an official individual or something…I have a monogram; I must be important, proper? ? And maybe it’s simply because they’re swirly and stunning and girly wanting, and let’s be sincere, who doesn’t love that?

I suppose I may go out and buy a monogram at the store, however I almost always make them myself as a result of A. It’s cheaper! and B. I could make precisely what I want. Here’s what I did:

Set up Monogram KK Font

1. I wandered on over to and downloaded monogram kk font.

2. Then I installed it on my computer. (As a result of why would you obtain and never install? :)) On my Pc, a dialogue field popped up, and that i chose to avoid wasting the file. I then right-clicked on the file in the download box and selected “Open Containing Folder.”

I opened the monogram kk folder, then clicked on the monogram kk file:

As soon as opened, I simply clicked “Install,” and the font confirmed up in my font dropdown list.

Create Your Monogram in Phrase

3. Now that I had the font put in, it was time for the fun part! I selected a background coloration by deciding on “Page Color” below the “Page Layout” tab.

Four. I wished to add an extra splash of coloration to my monogram, so I added a border using the “Shapes” tool. Beneath the “Insert” tab, choose “Shapes,” and select the define shape you desire to. I chose the “Plaque” form below the “Basic Shapes” heading.

Draw your shape to the size you want and place it in the specified place on the web page. Then select your define and fill colors from the “Drawing Tools” tab. I selected “No Fill” because the fill colour and a dark yellow, 6 pt weight for the define.

5. Now it’s monogram time! Click on the “Insert” tab and choose “Word Artwork.” You possibly can choose any model of Phrase Artwork to start; you’ll change the shape and color later.
I like to start with the preliminary for the final title, which can be in the course of the monogram. Kind the letter and select “monogram kk” from the font drop down menu.

6. You’ll now horse logo shirt need to alter the form, measurement, and color of the letter. First, with the Word Art letter chosen, click “Text Wrapping” below the “Word Art Tools” tab, and choose “In Entrance of Text.” This permits you to maneuver the letter around the web page extra freely.

Subsequent, change the horse logo shirt shape by choosing “Change Shape” beneath the “Word Out” tab and deciding on the straight line titled “Plain Textual content.”

Move the letter to the middle of your web page, resize it to your liking, and change the outline and fill colors under the “Word Art” tab.

7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 so as to add the opposite two initials. In case you are creating a monogram of only one person’s initials, their first preliminary goes first, adopted by their (bigger) surname initial, then their center preliminary. So Jane Elizabeth Doe would have the monogram J D E.

If you’re making a monogram for a couple, the wife’s initial goes first, adopted by the preliminary of the couple’s last title and at last the husband’s preliminary. For instance, my name is Abby and my husband is Donnie, so our monogram is A L D.

8. After getting the letters organized together, it may assist to group them so to move them around the page as one unit instead of 1 at a time. To do this, select all three letters by holding down the “Ctl” key while clicking each letter. When you might have all three highlighted, proper click inside the chosen letters, and beneath “Grouping” choose “Group.”

**Update…Marlene from Stay and Be taught (and Train too…) just lately left me this useful tip for grouping objects extra simply: “Under the ‘HOME’ tab, means over to the fitting choose ‘select,’ then ‘select object,’ then utilizing your mouse drag the dashed line around all of the objects you wish to group. Then ‘group’ ‘em!” So easy! Adore it! Thanks, Marlene!


That may have appeared like a number of steps, nevertheless it is actually a simple process; the more you play around with it, the simpler it will get. I’m warning you, although, pretty soon you may be as obsessed as I am and can be sticking monograms on all the pieces in sight! Yay! Comfortable monogramming!