Cookie Monster Costume For A Delectable Halloween

Men's It is better to stand and fight.  Cotton Long Sleeve T ShirtsAre you and your children fans of Sesame Street? Why not try a cookie monster costume this Halloween for a change.

People associate Halloween with witches and ghosts and goblins and other scary things. While that’s great for a traditional theme for the holiday season, an equally good choice would be a costume that makes them feel happy and gay.

Enter the cookie monster costume.

While everyone else is prancing around in costumes meant to frighten, your child (or you) can spread holiday cheer as one of the favorite Sesame Street Characters. This lovable character has blue fur and has a voracious, insatiable appetite, particularly for cookies, but can and will consume anything.

Imagine the laughter and fun as your child goes trick or treating saying “Me want Cookie” or “Me want candy” as his Sesame Street counterpart might say.

This costume is especially suitable for infants and toddlers, who love to have a fun experience and not be ruled by frightening images. This cute costume is comfortable to wear and zips up just like a night time sleeper. Some children become so attached to wearing this costume that they wear it way beyond Halloween. Your young child is sure to be thrilled with this easy to wear costume.

Of course, this costume is not just for little kids. It also offers a refreshing change of pace for teens and adults.

For teens the costume comes with a plush blue long sleeved shirt and an enormous headpiece with two great big googly eyes. It is a costume sure to catch peoples attention at trick or treat time.

For adults this character is also sure to be a hit at the party. The male version is a blue long sleeve shirt with of course the huge headpiece, ready made for a fun and light- hearted holiday party.

The female version is sexier, and is sure to turn heads. It includes a plush blue mini-dress, a head band with the trademark googly eyes and bright blue knee-highs. Put this costume on and have a fantastic Halloween.

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