Cookie Monster Binge T-Shirt

Men's Inside beauty  rose edition Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Have you ever indulged in your favorite sweet or piece of junk food to the point that it nearly makes you ill? For me, I can be overpowered at times by ice cream, though I usually pretty good about moderating each bowl of my cool, sugary kryptonite. This Drunk Cookie Monster shirt displays the Sesame Street character on the latter end of a losing battle with cookies and milk. The binge design looks great on the blue tee and it a funny option for both adults and kids. Wear your Cookie Monster Binge shirt the next time you feel the urge to devour a whole batch of gooey, warm chocolate chip cookies. I must admit, I am a little surprised that he left so many crumbs. C on Cookie Monster, live up to your name!

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