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Easy Magick Sequence: Making Your individual Mojo Luggage

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Paganism when their flannel pajamas wore out, they’d lower them up and use the fabric to make mojo luggage. Magick to the early Individuals (each African and in any other case) was all the time something that got here from gadgets that the practitioner already had in their residence or within the nearby vacinity. They did not have every kind of money to exit and spend on miscellaneous gadgets for his or her spells. They in all probability didn’t have much time to do this both. So the objects inside of their mojo luggage were also objects that they already…issues like: shells, dirt, dried herbs, roots, stones, etc.

The bag was made from the flannel, the magickal gadgets inserted, and doubtless a spell/chant was mentioned over it because the mojo bag was tied shut. Some say that spitting in the bag before tying it up was conventional. Visualization of the necessity coming to fruition through the mojo bag creation was probably a large part of the magick, as well.

Mojo Luggage
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In traditional Hoodoo magic, a mojo bag was made from flannel fabric but this present day you should utilize any type of fabric you’d like to make your personal mojo bag. You may even buy a mojo bag already made, but I would counsel for a extra powerful effect to actually piece your individual mojo bag together and sew it up your self. You should utilize pieces of fabric from an old tablecloth, set of pajamas, or purchase a small quantity of fabric from a nearby retailer or thrift store. Mark the fabric with two squares, minimize them out, and sew them together. It is pretty much so simple as that.

After getting the mojo bag made, you will need to consider what you want the contents to be. Traditional che t shirts online items in the slaves’ mojo bags may need included roots, dirt, herbs, and coins. You need to use these kinds of issues or add other objects that you’ve got in your home or yard like seashells, damaged trinkets or jewelry, locks of hair, outdated keys, a dollar invoice, pennies, candle wax, leaves, and so forth. Every item that goes into your mojo bag should have a selected objective and help your primary intention. As an illustration, for a money mojo bag you may want to make use of cinnamon because the dried herb (cinnamon has properties of success), a penny or two (or a dollar bill), and inexperienced candle wax.

Whereas you are making your mojo bag, you need to be visualizing the desired outcome of your spell. With every piece that you put into your mojo bag, picture that merchandise aiding in your magickal power. Spit within the bag and over the mojo bag’s contents, then tie the bag together with a ribbon or string. Wear the mojo bag round your neck (and under your shirt) for so long as you feel match, till the specified end result has manifested.

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Which sort of bag do you create and use in your magick?

Mojo bag.

Nation Sack.

Spell bag.
See results Feeding the Mojo Bag
In Hoodoo and folk magic, when a mojo bag is used it is also “fed” one thing on a daily or weekly basis. Normally these feedings embrace an oil of some sort, an herb, or another important magickal item. The idea behind feeding the mojo bag is that the content inside are indeed “alive”, and that it’s essential to feed them to keep them alive and appeased so as to succeed at aiding you in your needs/will.

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Many people who speak about making mojo luggage, gris gris baggage, or nation sacks tend to depart out this essential a part of the method. Hoodoo and folks magic relies on a very deep-rooted perception that all the things in this world is alive and is part of the divine…the universe…God (no matter you need to name it). And to put some contents in a bag and hope that they enable you along with your aim or need and never consider them as being alive and conscious is a foolish thing to do certainly. You should take a look at these contents as if they’re the magick (alongside of your intentions)…and they’re alive in and of themselves. Feed them. All Rights Reserved.

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AuthorNicole Canfield 2 years in the past from the Ether

PomPomPurin – No, you need not take away it in any respect…just feed it with oils, herbs, etc.

PomPomPurin 2 years in the past

If crystal is used within the Mojo Bag, does it should be cleanse weekly? or simply leave the crystal within the Mojo bag?

AuthorNicole Canfield four years ago from the Ether

Lilleyth – That appears like a wonderful combination for a spellbag. And the little vases sound adorable. Thanks for sharing!

Suzanne Sheffield four years ago from Mid-Atlantic

Have not been here in some time Kitty, however had to take a look at your newest writings in the present day while checking in. All the time get pleasure from your choices. We have now a lot in frequent! I have a bit of velvet drawstring bag for my favourite stones like jade and quartz, and other tiny items such as a carved turtle, itty bitty vases, and arrowheads…Now I’m going to have to play catch up and see what else che t shirts online you may have written about!

Kitty, should you do, ship me one! 🙂

Thanks, rcrumple! Denim can be excellent for longevity…but mojo luggage aren’t really a spell that you just’d need to keep around your neck for years…it’s in a hope that you purchase that need quickly! Thanks again.

Wealthy 5 years ago from Kentucky

Extraordinarily attention-grabbing, as all the time. I used to be considering that denim could be a superb alternative for longevity. Yet, in wearing around the neck, flannel or cotton would undoubtedly be a greater choice. Very informative! Loved!

AuthorNicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

Ttoombs08 – That is a superb query! I should write a mojo bag spell for hubpage earnings. 🙂 Thanks!

Terrye Toombs 5 years ago from Someplace between Heaven and Hell with no street map.

Manner cool, Kitty! Feels like Native American drugs bags. I wonder what one would put right into a Mojo bag to extend their HubPage earnings. 🙂 Fascinating stuff!