Birthday Fun With Elmo, Oscar And Big Bird!

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If you’re planning a 1st birthday party you couldn’t do better than to stock up on Sesame Street birthday party supplies. Moms the world over know these cute and clever creatures and their kids all love them.

Start your efforts off right by selecting a Sesame Beginnings 1st Deluxe Party Pack. Filled with pocket dinner and dessert plates, cups, napkins, and so much more, you’ll have everything you need for refreshments. The package also holds the invitations you’ll need to get the celebration started. With a tablecover, centerpiece, Mylar balloon, and other items, you’ll get a big jump on those decorating tasks, too.

To decorate the party room, consider a Cookie Monster personalized banner. This friendly treat eater is featured but you get to put the words in his mouth. Beneath it you can place an Airblown Inflatable Cupcake. Plug it in and it self-inflates so you don’t have to bother.

Flesh out your decorations with some Jumbo Balloons, like the Elmo or Big Bird Airwalker. These bigger than lifesize (50″ and 62″ respectively) balloons can float if you fill them with helium (tank sold separately). They make for terrific standup dolls for birthday photos.

You can store all those photos in a Sesame Street My 1st Birthday Photo Album that is sure to become a keepsake for life. The vinyl covering keeps it free from staining and the padding makes it very durable, so your child can handle it and you can keep your peace of mind.

Before you snap that shutter be sure to ‘decorate’ your little one with an Elmo T-shirt. His smiling face beams out from a red background that will get everyone’s attention. Made of comfortable cotton and machine washable, this item will make the guest of honor a big hit right away. Top it off with a Sesame 1st Birthday Hat made of felt and decorated with Elmo, Big Bird, and the Cookie Monster. Now you’re really ready to bring out that camera.

After the picture taking everyone will be ready for some cake and juice. Make sure you’re ready by selecting an Elmo Cake Pan. This metal 13.5″ x 10.5″ pan provides the perfect platform to create your dessert masterpiece. An included photo makes it easy to create a frosting design that looks just like your child’s favorite Sesame Street character.

Once the table is cleared away you can entertain all the kids with some Cookie Monster and Elmo Finger Puppets. The set of 4 includes 2 each of these 2 1/4″ plastic puppets. You’ll find lots of scenarios to follow by watching some Sesame Street shows, or you can just hand them out as prizes to all the kids during games.

For the final game you’ll want to be sure to have on hand an Elmo Pull String Pinata. One pull and tons of treasures come tumbling down. You can use one string and let the guest of honor do the deed or use a multiple string kit and let everyone get in on the act at the same time.

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