10 Step Process To Get A Job

Men's Jaws Custom Long Sleeve Tee ShirtBelieve in yourself. You will get a job. Calm down. It might take a few months but there is a job for you. Just trust yourself and follow these guidelines.
Prepare for your areas of interests and projects. If you have no clue about what is software and how to code, read Software engineering and learn one language on Code Academy. Learn to code
Become an expert in theoretical concepts. A lot of questions will be asked on Object-oriented programming Software testing, Project management. Brush up on these along with your regular textbook concepts. Its always better to know 60% of one language that 10% of 8 languages.
Work on aptitude. Learn about Time and distance problems, ages, relationships, profit and loss. Here is an exhaustive list: Aptitude Questions and Answers.
Work on GD and communication skills. This is the first time in your entire job hunting campaign that you will be opening your mouth. Speak out. This is your only chance to stand ahead of the herd, to prove yourself. Be up to date on current affairs, use good examples, show leadership skills.
Dress up smartly. Looks matter. If you are dumb its you should atleast look smart. Either you should speak or your dress should speak volumes. Good dressing doesn’t mean you wear a shirt/watch costlier than the interviewer! Wear clean ironed shirt which is pleasing to eyes. Shave please. For girls, excessive makeup will be a turn off.
Improve your CV. Write a good cover letter . This is the first entry point. Once you have an interview at hand, your resume speaks volumes. HR people will be checking 100s of CVs everyday and if they find any stupid mistakes, forget your consideration. Do not make it too clutterd. It should look pleasing to eyes.
Search like crazy. There is no substitute for this. Talk to your friends, browse sites like Naukri, Monster, LetsIntern. Also check Facebook pages. It you get any hint of opening in any company, attend. Always have a copy of resume and clean ironed shirt ready. You never know which morning you will get a tip about the walk-in. Build a good LinkedIn profile.
Work on networking. make friends everywhere you go. Create whats-app groups. join Facebook groups. Call, message, push anyone and everyone you know for sending your CV to their HR. Do not feel ashamed. You have to be shameless. Promise yourself that you’ll treat everyone who helped you in getting you a job from your second salary.
Apply for more companies. More the better. Do not reject a company just because it does not have 100+ employees. Apply for MNCs, apply for startups.

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